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Want To Learn More About Biohacking & Health?

This is the place to do it.  My biohacker blog has plenty of biohacking lifestyle articles that might interest you.

I'm passionate about having a healthy life and a cogent mind - I hope I can share with you some of my journey and the things I've learned along the way.

I've included personal experiments with some of the more out there biohacks that I've tried and some of my observable results.


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March 17 2022

Is Beer Healthy?

Huh?  Is this claim real - Could it be possible that the nutrition in beer could make having a cold brew an actual defiant act of abstract health improvement?

Lack Of Sleep

March 10 2020

7 Reasons Why Lack Of Sleep Is Extremely Dangerous

There's a good chance that like many people, you've seriously underestimated the effects of being too tired, too often - Here's why you need to take sleep loss seriously.

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