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31 Anti-Aging Biohacks

Part 2

Anti aging biohacks

The Ultimate Guide To
Biohacking Your Age 

Biohacker author AJ James

 The Final And Most Powerful

Expert Anti-Aging Biohacks Part 2

If longevity or youth is your thing then these final tips for biohacking your age will give you some serious tools for fighting the effects of aging and the natural ravages of time.

There are many things you can do each day that can help to prevent aging as well as improve your general health.

If you missed the first part of this guide you can find it here:

The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking Your Age Part 1

It's time to jump straight back into this biohacking journey and discover the ultimate science-backed ways to look and feel younger for longer.

15. Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking
Ban smoking sign
Cellular Self Destruction

Fast Track To Wrinkly Skin

Killing yourself with smoke

If ever there was a no-brainer then it would be avoiding cigarette smoke (or any smoke).  The utter destruction it can wreak upon your health is well documented.  Here, I'll cover how it ages you. 

Let's get one thing straight

If you want to fight aging, you're gonna have to live long enough to try some of these biohacks out.  Smoking your way to an early grave isn't going to help.

The reality of smoking

If you do absolutely everything else on this page and implement these strategies then maybe you might counter (somewhat) the effects of smoking.  Seems like a heck of a lot of work when you could just quit.

Let's take a look at the effects of smoking on your longevity...

Reaper of cell death
Cell Death

Not Exactly Ideal

The enemy of young-looking skin

If you're reading this then you want youthful skin.  Chances are you already know smoking isn't great for your skin but here's why: 

Immediate cellular damage
Cigarette smoke can cause instant damage to healthy cells, including skin cells. 


Even second-hand smoke exposure can cause this cell destruction but it's exacerbated significantly (of course) for those who directly inhale cigarette smoke.


Cellular mutation

According to the National Institute for Health, smoking can create a measurable interference within cell division even going as far as to create cell mutation.

According to the National Institutes Of Health, the effects of cigarette smoking can be cancerous and potentially fatal. (22)

So smoking destroys cells which is a big no for youthful skin (and health in general).

Skin cell dryness
Skin Cell Dryness​


The diametric opposite of a moisturizer

This definitive guide on fighting the ravages of time on your biology goes to great lengths to stress the importance of hydration on maintaining youthful skin.


Smoking throws that all out the window by acting to dry out your skin leaving your pores possibly clogged and damaged. 

Skin pollution

Skin cells require nutrition, moisture, and protection.  Smoking cigarettes robs your cells of nutrients as it depletes both vitamins and antioxidants from your body, leaving your cells undernourished and weakened.

Increased free radical damage

Exposure to smoke ultimately means exposure to free radical oxidative damage.  

Now, it's bad enough that smoking robs you of vital antioxidants (the means to fight free radicals) but it then has a "double-whammy" effect of creating oxidation damage to healthy cells reducing their elasticity and overall cellular health.

But it gets even worse...

Radiation damage
Radiation Damage

The Toxic Risk

As if it wasn't bad enough

Obviously, radiation is a scary word, and not all radiation is deadly or even dangerous for that matter. 

The kind of radiation in tobacco may be both dangerous and deadly. 


As a general rule, in large enough doses this will kill you. (23)

This occurs naturally in a lot of soil that tobacco is grown in, the problem being that it is also in some fertilizers used in tobacco farming. 


It isn't always removed

The fact that it's not easily removed in the production process means that a cigarette smoker might be exposed to statistically significant quantities over a period of time


Just like polonium-210, lead-210 is a radioactive material potentially found in tobacco and possibly dangerous just the same.


CDC studies show that at least 80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

Bottom line: Stop smoking - Live longer.

So, to summarize:

> Smoking accelerates cell aging

> Smoking damages the skin in several ways

> Tobacco may contain radioactive substances

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ speaking about not smiking to live longer

AJ Says:

"Not to be trite but it's pretty simple: if it can kill you it can age you​.

Sure, it may not stop you but I figure that knowing you're sucking down on the same thing Russian agents use to kill spies (polonium-210) then maybe you might at least think about it" 

Time to rejuvenate your skin and regenerate a more youthful-looking appearance...

14. Microdermabrasion

Skin Rejuvenation


Let's go all the way back to Biohack #1

Dead skin cell removal.  If getting rid of dead skin is good for cell regeneration then consider microdermabrasion the best method available.


Microdermabrasion (also known as Microderm) has a huge following so it's not surprising to see it mentioned here. 

Beauty clinics across the world offer this service for women (and the fellas) and it's pretty effective.

The ultimate exfoliation

Okay, so calling it exfoliation (which it ostensibly is) might be selling it a little short. 


It's a pretty powerful treatment, backed by clinical studies and many satisfied customers looking to fight visible skin aging.

So, let us take a look at why microdermabrasion could help... 

Derma roller
Microdermabrasion Benefits

Out With The Old...

Dead skin removal

Microdermabrasion in all its forms acts as an exceptionally effective exfoliant. 

Dead skin can make you look much older than you really are and can prevent optimal skin cell regeneration.​

Increased blood flow

By increasing blood flow to the skin, microdermabrasion may offer a chance at increased skin firmness and elasticity.  

As both of these things are highly sought after, it stands to reason that regular microdermabrasion might be quite useful for any anti-aging enthusiast.

Collagen Stimulation

Microdermabrasion may help to stimulate skin collagen and this can have a positive effect on cellular efficiency, which when maximized can lead to a more youthful appearance.​ (24)

Increased effectiveness of moisturizers

Topical moisturizers such as the ones already mentioned in this guide, work better in conjunction which regular "microderming".

Layers of dead cells may prevent moisturizers from penetrating the skin for optimal performance, so the exfoliation benefit can literally remove this barrier.

Microderm bloodflow stimulation
Types Of Microderm​

Choose Your Preference

Direct dermabrasion 

This was the first form of microdermabrasion ever used and is still employed today.

How direct Microderm works

A wand-like device with an abrasive tipped surface that rotates, spins extremely fast, and effectively sand of a layer of skin.

Crystal microdermabrasion

This is one of the most popular.  The wand sprays corundum (aluminum oxide Al2O3) crystals which exfoliate the skin.  This was the first form of microdermabrasion ever used

How crystal Microderm works

As the crystals are sprayed on the skin, they form an abrasion that removes the skin's outer layer and is then vacuumed up by the wand.

Diamond-tip microdermabrasion

This is considered superior to ordinary crystal Microderm because there's no residue

How diamond-tip Microderm works

Is similar to direct microdermabrasion in that it uses rotation and contact abrasion to remove the skin layer and it has a small suction opening inside the wand that vacuums up the removed skin. Like crystal microdermabrasion


This has benefits and drawbacks compared to the aforementioned Microderm methods

How hydrodermabrasion works

​Like crystal microdermabrasion, hydroderm sprays directly onto the skin and then uses the suction wand to remove the end product. 

Unlike other forms, it is less irritative which may be good for some skin types but may be less effective at removing as much outer skin layering as the more abrasive varieties.

Which is best?​

This is completely dependent on skin type.  ​As has been mentioned, some are offering more effective but more abrasive results.  It will be a personal choice as to what defines "best" for you. 

Dermabrasion Cautions
Dermabrasion Cautions

The Risks

Skin sensitivity

Not everyone has the same skin and the same tolerances.  ​If you have very sensitive skin then "microderming"  may cause irritability issues.   


Pre-existing infections or lacerations such as cuts may preclude you from being able to try the microdermabrasion procedure.​

Some clinics may flat-out refuse service if they see the potential for danger.


Those prone to acne or with an abnormal amount of pimples might find them aggravated by the procedure leading to a spread of (or more pronounced) ​ acne.

Poor technique

When your clinician is too aggressive with the Microderm of choice it can lead to a more excessive irritation of the skin which depending on skin type could result in swelling and marking.

So, to summarize:

> Microdermabrasion can remove dead skin which helps skin cell regeneration

> Skin cells may be stimulated which can assist in new cell growth

> It may not be great for people with skin issues, especially acne.

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ recommending dermabrasion for skin exfoliation and youthfulness

AJ Says:

"Very effective. Cautions seem pretty mild, so there's no too much danger.


People with acne might not get great results but those with more temporary acne scaring may appreciate the outcome more"

Next up is the pinnacle skin hydration biohack that might shave years off your appearance...

Hyaluronic Acid

13. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid
Ultimate Skin Hydrator

Wrinkle Eraser

The cure for dry skin

 Up until now, all the moisturizers on this page have been oils with some of them been very effective at moisturizing your skin.   


Hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan) is potentially better than them all.

Near perfect hydration

The power of hyaluronic acid in being able to draw moisture in the skin by some serious orders of magnitude is why almost every millennial skin hydration product contains this ingredient.

Exceptional anti-aging benefits

As you're about to see, hyaluronic acid really is an effective hydrator that helps prevent aging skin.

Let's learn a little more about this remarkable substance...

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?​


It's actually a type of sugar molecule

Hyaluronic acid (​C33H54N2O23) is actually a sugar molecule that is naturally occurring in the human body and is responsible for a large role in cellular activity. (25)

Naturally occurring

It does occur naturally in the human body but most supplements/solutions that are store-bought are made from the synthetic version.​

The word acid is deceptive

For some people, acid draws connotations of something that would theoretically burn the skin but the truth is that hyaluronic acid is actually quite mild.​

Safe and effective

In most cases, hyaluronic acid is considered to be highly effective at treating aging skin as well as being quite safe.​

Science of hyaluronic acid
What The Science Says

Hyper-Hydrated Skin

Superior hydration

An easy way to think of how it works is that it functions similarly to a sponge because of its absorbent properties.   This allows it to draw significant amounts of moisture into the skin and give the appearance of youthful, supple skin.

Liquid youth

It might seem hyperbolic, but a lot of people refer to hyaluronic acid as liquid youth or "bottled youth".   

Consistently positive results in studies seem to go some way towards confirming the well-received nature of the customer review​s.

Wrinkle reduction

In a Japanese dermatological study on hyaluronic acid, it was discovered that it reduced wrinkles in the subject who used it over a 12-week cycle. (26)

The results were both significant and based only on a dose of 120 mg/day.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe?
Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe?

The Risks

Generally, it's very safe

As previously mentioned, the word acidic can carry connotations of danger but hyaluronic acid is considered quite mild.  ​

There are several ways it can be used including topical application, oral supplementation, and injectables.


Pregnant women are recommended to not take oral hyaluronic supplements or injectables as they may enter the bloodstream and possibly breast milk which could be a temporary cause of mildly discomforting effects.

Mild inflammation

Injectable hyaluronic acid may cause ​an impermanent inflammation in some people with more sensitive skin which might be something to consider.

Sunlight exposure

The use of hyaluronic acid in injectable or topical form may momentarily increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight and increase the risk of sun-based skin damage.

So, to summarize:

> Hyaluronic acid is extremely absorbent and hydrates the skin very well

> Both science and customer response indicate very beneficial results

> The dangers are minimal but worth noting for those with skin sensitivities

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ speaking about the role of hyaluronic accid in skin hydration

AJ Says:

"If you want to prevent wrinkles from forming or remove existing ones it seems like there are few things on this planet better than hyaluronic acid to help you.

It's not particularly expensive and can be used in combination with Jojoba & Vitamin E for even more effectiveness"

Time to look at something that can either make you look younger or significantly age you...

12. Solar Sense

Solar Sense
Sunlight Is Great

In Moderation


Excess sun exposure can age you.  Seriously age you.​

This is the point where too many people who a fanatical about slowing down their aging, just decide to avoid the sun altogether.   


But wait, there's more!

An upcoming biohack is all about reducing stress and sunlight can help with that, so theoretically you need the sun to prevent aging faster.

So, why can sunlight exposure be dangerous in your fight against skin aging?

Excess Sunlight
Excess Sunlight Is The Issue​

A Little Is Good, Though


This really is one of those subjects where people just cut something out altogether from sheer fear. 

I hate to see this.  It is like cutting out all fat because trans-fats are bad for you.   


Excess sunlight is the issue here.  Too much exposure = significant aging risks.  

We'll take a look at why this is the case just below.

If you stay sun-smart, then you'll get the right amount of sun.

Sun damage
Sun Damage

Collagen Loss

UV light exposure breaks down collagen in your skin

You read that correctly - Excess exposure to ultraviolet light can literally disintegrate your cells.

The last thing I want to do is put too much fear into this post.  Sunlight is actually very important to your health.


The sun is extremely powerful as a tool for good health but it can also be a wrecking ball when it comes to aging your skin.

The exact mechanism by which the sun can age you is photo-degradation of collagen by UV light which creates a lower thermal stability peak in collagen cells. (27)

In simple terms, excess sunlight can weaken collagen leading to collagen damage and loss.

Let's face it...

You've seen people who take to skin tanning like it was an occupation.  You've probably also seen just how wrinkled they can become at a pretty early age all because of sun damage.

beach umbrella
How To Be Sun Smart

Get It "Just Right"

The Goldilocks principle

The key is being measured in your approach to sun exposure and learning how to be sun smart.

Many experts recommend 10 minutes a day or less in summer and up to 30 minutes per day in other seasons depending on your climate.  Not too much, not too little.

Beware of excess

If you want to spend more time outdoors and in direct sunlight then the wise thing to do if you're looking to fight the aging effects of excess sunshine, is to make use of clothing that covers well, shade, and a good sunscreen.

A word of caution

Bear in mind a lot of the sunblocking sunscreen formulas on the market are terribly unhealthy, bad for your hormones, and definitely not recommended by most biohackers.

Look for a strong but natural sunscreen.  

So, to summarize:

> A little sun exposure is great for your health.

> A lot of sun exposure will age you prematurely.

> Be sun-smart and minimize sun damage as well as maximizing benefits. 

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ recommending sun safety for skin

AJ Says:

"One of the worst things you can do for your skin is over-expose yourself to sunlight. 


If you spend too much time sunbathing and not enough being sun-smart then you might end up looking like the old, wrinkled lady from There's Something About Mary - Yeah, Halloween level scary"

Now, it's the right time to look at a training method that could slow down the effects of Father time...

11. Sleep Optimization

Sleep Optimization
Sleep quality
Fewer Wrinkles

...And Better Health

Well, let's face it, we're all in the same boat

Now, there's probably not a single person reading this who doesn't want more sleep.   

I get that. 

The thing is, there comes a point when you start to realize that an extra half an hour of television every night might not be worth it.   


This post is going to show you why more sleep is probably in your best interest

It may be because you value your health. 


Maybe you've taken up resistance training and need a little more rest. 

Maybe you are just interested in finding out how sleeping more might prevent aging.

For this biohack, let's take a look at why a lack of sleep can age you...

Disrupted Genes​
Disrupted Genes​

Shorter Lifespan

Lack of sleep will age you

According to the American Academy Of Sleep Medicine, just one single night where you don't get adequate sleep can result in some seriously troubling issues.

Sleep deprivation & your genes

Being in a sleep-deprived state causes the activation of disrupted gene expression patterns in your peripheral blood mononuclear cells (also known as PBMCs). (41)

Why is this bad?

Because this new gene expression in your PMBC's can be equal to other forms of cellular damage which can begin the early onset of aging.

If there's a takeaway so far from this guide to fighting aging it's that cellular damage is tantamount to immediate aging effects.

If you're reading this - You don't want that.

You really don't.

A lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of medical issues, not just premature aging

Perhaps this article might persuade you: 7 Reasons lack of sleep is extremely dangerous

Gene repair
Better Sleep = Better Repair​

Biohacking Youthfulness

Repair = Youth

Improving your sleep quality might be one of the single most potent things you can do to combat aging.

As I've mentioned above, lack of sleep can result in an environment akin to normal cellular damage.   Getting more sleep can help to remedy this.

Better sleep can also help with cell repair

No doubt you already know that during the sleeping process, we undergo the many functions that serve to repair our cells and help us to continue to be healthy and productive.

If you're missing out on sleep, the fact is, you're missing out on the time spent repairing your body. 

Cell trauma

Lacking sleep could have a significant two-pronged effect on your level of aging because you're putting your body in a traumatic state which may damage cells but you're also missing out on cell repair. 

Lowered Stress

Just as with biohacking your age, better sleep can help with biohacking your stress levels assisting with reduced cortisol .

Trying to sleep
How Can You Get More Sleep? 

Sleep Biohacks, Of Course

Well, there are a lot of options

So, you want to get more sleep and slow down your aging? 


Hopefully, this post is convincing you of the real value that a decent night's rest could give you.

Luckily, there are many things you can do that can help and all the ones that work, I've put into a comprehensive guide (just like this one) you can read it by... clicking the link below:

Here's another great guide:

The Definitive Guide To Biohacking Your Sleep

If you love this guide, you'll love that one

Rather than reiterate all the biohacks in the sleep guide here, it's probably worth checking that page out and taking a look at the many interesting tips that could help you get more sleep and fight aging in the process

So, to summarize:

> Lack of sleep put's your body in a potentially cell-damaged state

> Not getting enough sleep can reduce cellular repair

> There are some great biohacks available that can help your quality of sleep

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ Says:

"Look, I know sleep isn't the sexiest subject but it's all the way down at #1 on this list for a reason.

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health, so definitely check out the biohacking guide about sleep when you get a chance."

Next up is a soothing hot beverage that burns fat and prevents wrinkles...

AJ James speaking of the importance of sleeping for staying young

10. Green Tea

Youth-promoting  green tea


All across Asia, people retain youthful looks

Easy as it is to point to any one thing it could be many factors but there's no denying that green tea is a massive part of the East Asian culture and diet.

A powerhouse superfood

I'm not fond of the term "superfood" that much because many foods that term is pointed at really fail to meet the hype... 


Green tea is not one of them.   

It's an absolute treasure-trove of nutrients you'll want in your diet if you're trying to slow the aging process.

Let's take a look at the benefits of green tea...

Green tea benefits
Green Tea Benefits​

Fat Burning/Anti Aging/Mood



You may not be aware of this impressive compound but it's found in quite decent quantities in green tea.   


Catechins help counter catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT)  a compound that reduces your ability to burn fat efficiently.  (29)



Epigallocatechin or ECCG that is found in green tea helps you counteract COMT which may help increase dopamine production.


Green tea can make you happier

Because green tea may assist in the increased production of dopamine, drinking it regularly can reduce stress, one of the most significant age accelerators known to man. (More on that later)

But there are many more positives​...​

Green Tea Antioxidants​


Fighting free radicals

Antioxidants help to fight free radical damage in our bodies.  This damage to cells can add to the effects of aging.   Green tea's polyphenol content is well noted and regular consumption may produce quantifiable anti-aging effects.  


An anti-aging study shows green tea is effective

A longevity study published by Cambridge University showed that green tea consumption in the test subject might have lead to an extra 5 years of life in participants who consumed it on a regular basis compared to those who did not.  ​(30)

Blood sugar control

Another benefit worth mentioning is that green tea might help to slow carbohydrate digestion.  This can benefit both weight loss as well as preventing the cellular damage that sugar can create.  (More on that later)

Green Tea polyphenols
Telomere protection
Reduced DNA Damage


Telomere protection​

One of the most significant factors in assessing aging in human beings is the length of telomeres which are a protective cap on our DNA.   As telomeres shrink, our DNA becomes prone to destruction.

Green tea's protective properties

According to the scientific study cited above, oxidative stress is believed to affect telomere length.  By combating oxidative damage, green tea can play a potentially important role in fighting aging.

How much green tea?

In the aforementioned study of 2000 people, those who were measured to have a notable increase in longevity drank 3 cups per day.

So, to summarize:

> Green tea helps with weight management, anti-aging, and stress

> 3 cups per day might increase longevity statistically significantly

> Its antioxidant levels may protect telomeres from shrinking

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ talking about the longetivity effects of green tea

AJ Says:

"It's popular and easy to find - Definitely opt for organic and avoid those nasty pesticides that are filled with endocrine disruptors.


No need to buy the super expensive ceremonial types - Unless you've got money to burn, the standard store-bought stuff is fine"

Next up, it's time to relax and, well, actually - It's just time to relax...


9. Photobiomodulation

Low-Level Laser Therapy
Low-Level Laser Therapy

Fight Wrinkles Below The Skin


The most biohacking sounding biohack ever

So, photobiomodulation is a bit of a mouthful, I know but don't despair, it's not as complex as it sounds... Sort of.

It's also very (VERY) complex

Okay, the name is a more technical term for light therapy - Not that bad right?​

Low-level light therapy is something you've already probably heard of and photobiomodulation (PBMD) is just the name used in the scientific community.

The mechanisms are technical

How light therapy can affect aging is reasonably complicated but extremely well-researched and effective.​

I think I've managed to simplify it in this article.

It's a rapidly growing product line

Like any effective anti-aging device, people are clamoring to get their hands on their own light therapy devices.  It also means that the array of products is becoming wider and cheaper for consumers which is great news.

Let's look at how photobiomodulation can possibly de-age you...

Photon-affected skin cell
Photon Skin Cell Interactions

Increased Mitochondrial Strength 

Aging factors wreck mitochondrial function

Many of the external aging factors in the skin happen to weaken mitochondria (you know, the powerhouse of the cell).  

According to a study on cutaneous medicine and surgery, low-level laser therapy sends photons directly into the mitochondria chromophores in skin cells that photonically stimulate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), nitric oxide release, and increase blood flow. (31)

Stem cell stimulation

Photobiomodulation can activate stem cells which can then improve cellular healing and repair.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Inflammation can add stress to your body, taxing your ability to repair itself.  This can in turn cause aging effects.

Low-level laser therapy can have significant, positive effects on reducing inflammation as evidenced by the aforementioned citation.

Collagen Renewal
Collagen Renewal

Rewinding The Clock

Collagen stimulation

As mentioned several times in this guide, collagen stimulation is exceptionally important in skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Photobiomodulation fights ROS

Reactive oxygen species can be very damaging to cells.  This cellular degradation through oxygenation contributes significantly to the aging process.

Low-level laser therapy can stimulate collagen production, as well as reducing ROS levels. (31A)

Muscle regeneration

Similar to the regenerative properties that stimulate collagen renewal, PBMD (photobiomodulation) may help regenerate muscle by reducing nitrative stress in injured muscle, decreased lipid peroxidation, and nitrotyrosine formation. (31B)

Is photobiomodulation safe?
Is PBMD Safe?
Light Therapy Safety

Safe for repeated use

Photobiomodulation devices are by and large considered to be safe. That doesn't mean that like most marketplaces there aren't some shoddy devices for sale in the dark corners of the internet.

Reputable brands have a decent safety record.

But, like any electrical device, there are some potential risks...​

Electrical failure

Whether it's your vacuum, your blender, or your electric toothbrush, anything you plug into an electrical outlet has a degree of risk.

Exposure to water, electrical surges in storms, and unattended wear can be serious causes for concern.

Obeying basic safety procedures should be enough to mitigate and prevent any and all dangers that could arise.

Skin laser treatment
Should You Try It

Staying Informed 

Worth considering

The product itself seems to be very effective hence making its way to number 9 on this list and with increased research and a wider array of products on the market in the future, there's a chance it could make an argument to be further down this list.

Yes if:

If you have the money and are actively trying to fight wrinkles then it's probably an excellent purchase to make.  They're not particularly expensive but will be outside of some budgets, for sure.

No if:

If you're more interested in dietary changes to prevent internal/external aging then devices such as these may not necessarily be in your wheelhouse. 

You might also find that your budget won't allow for such a purchase.

You may also just be looking to see improvements in the variety of products and competitive pricing leading to better affordability.  Maybe you're smart enough to convince a friend or family member to buy one and use theirs.

So, to summarize:

> PBMD is a powerful device that may de-age you 

> It can stimulate collagen production and reduce oxidative tissue stress

> The market is growing with more variety for a wider consumer base.

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ Says:

"I've used light therapy for a couple of years for several other health benefits including hormonal health but am impressed with the science behind photobiomodulation's effectiveness.  "

Now, how far are you willing to go to combat aging? ...

AJ speaking about low level lasers for skin youth

8. Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Inducation Therapy
Collagen Induction Therapy
Deep Collagen Stimulation

Legitimate Results


A hidden gem 

Microneedling is certainly not a new trend.  It's been around for a while but is nowhere near as popular as some of the other treatments ​on this page.  It's not nearly as invasive as it sounds.


Unlike many age-reversing treatments, the effectiveness of collagen induction therapy (C.I.T) has never been in doubt.  The science (cited further down) is compelling and the treatment is effective.

Easy to use

There are some really interesting C.I.T options which we will discuss and don't worry,  it can be very simple to do yourself if you prefer.

Time to see how collagen induction actually helps fight aging...​

What Is Microneedling?
What Is Microneedling?

How It Differs To Dermabrasion

Collagen is king

Microneedling  (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or C.I.T) is the process of using a device comprised of very thin and small needles that pierce the skin in an ever-so-slight way.

Unlike microdermabrasion that we looked at in biohack number 13, which is abrasive on the skin's surface, microneedling goes much deeper creating its benefits below the surface.

This is done in order to stimulate collagen production leading to tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

Types of microneedling


​There are many devices used to perform Collagen Induction Therapy and they include:


This is a simple, electrically powered "fat" pen with a single or multiple fine and small needles that vibrate not entirely unlike a tattoo pen - Just far less invasive.


This device requires no power source and is a small handle with a tiny roller head covered in extremely delicate and fine needles.  

It can simply be rolled over the face and is the easiest to use.  It's also easy to purchase for home use.


This is very new to the market, so all you anti-aging biohackers out there are going to want to take note.

Some dermafrac devices can perform both dermarolling and microdermabrasion at the same time giving the benefits of biohack #14 & #8.  

As this device becomes better known for its both effectiveness and multiple uses, expect "dermafracing" to become a big thing in the not too distant future.

Now let's see what the science says...

Collagen Induction Science
Collagen Induction Science

Going Deeper In The Skin

Penetrating the dermal layers

By piercing the dermal layer but doing so in a very controlled and minimally invasive way, microneedling causes several positive effects that contribute to reducing visible aging.

Scientific studies show Microneedling is  very effective

These extremely small punctures of the dermal layers of skin increase the production of:

PGF - platelet-derived growth factor

TGF-α and TGF-β - transforming growth factor alpha and beta

FGF - fibroblast growth factor

CTAP - connective tissue activating protein

CTGF - connective tissue growth factor

As evidenced in the principle mechanisms summary all of these effects have a stimulatory effect on skin collagen and elastin production. (32)

Up to 400%

The above citation 32 showed that people with only 4 microneedling sessions spread out over 6 months were found to have a change in collagen and elastin accumulation of up to 400%

Proven results

Microneedling is so powerful that is used medically to treat scar tissues, skin pigmentation, and even some forms of alopecia (hair loss).  

Microneedling Cautions​
Microneedling Cautions​

What You Need To Know

Hemophilia and bleeding susceptibility

Obviously, any person who has a susceptibility to bleeding would need serious caution before engaging in an activity that requires the piercing of the skin that could potentially cause bleeding. 

Skin sensitivity issues​

Because microneedling is minimally invasive, yet still partially so, it would pose a risk for those with sensitive skin that could react badly to the treatment.


Like anything involving needles, sterilization is of utmost importance in preventing infection and illness. 


Dermarollers are popular home products but are also the riskiest due to the potential lack of conditional sterility versus a professional setting. 


Most derma-rollers are made to be disposed of and replaced.  Some people may try to reuse them past the point of good hygiene


People trying microneedling may find their recovery time lengthened because of immune issues or other potential problems.  Professional medical advice should be sought before undergoing any treatments of any kind.

So, to summarize:

 > Microneedling can significantly improve aging visibility

 > Science-backed researched shows a number of positive effects

> Microneedling may not be suitable for everyone 

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ referencing collagen induction therapy for youthful skin

AJ Says:

"I understand that jabbing your face full of pins may seem a bit extreme (because, well, it kinda is) but at least it's an effective treatment unlike a lot of crazy things people to try and stay young "

Time to look at an anti-aging superfood biohack that's got real scientific gravitas...

7. Curcumin

Curcumin molecule
Two-Pronged Age Defense

Double The Results


Turmeric the "turmiracle"

Curcumin is the reason that the spice turmeric is so popular in paleo, biohacking, and health circles.  It's an amazing substance where for once the hype seems to match the reality.​

Solid science

As cited further down below, the science behind curcumin's effectiveness shows a lot of promise not just for anti-aging but for general health and well-being.​

Easy to find

Unlike some pro-longevity products, it's quite easy to obtain some curcumin but there are definitely a couple of things you'll need to know about its absorbability which will be covered here. ​

Time to see how Curcumin actually helps fight aging...​

Anti-inflammatory Power
Anti-inflammatory Power

Massive Health Benefits

Inflammation kills

There's a pretty strong body of scientific evidence to suggest that low-level chronic inflammation may contribute substantially to pretty much every chronic illness.​

Think of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, metabolic syndrome, and most degenerative sickness.

Prevents inflammation-based damage

Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, capable of fighting inflammation at the same level (and without the side effects) of many pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories. (33)


As previously cited, the power of curcumin to fight inflammation is well documented.  This leads to its potential use in many medicinal areas.   ​

It is also a potential antidepressant.  In the sumatim, Clinical Use of Curcumin in Depression: A Meta-Analysis, curcumin was found to be effective for its stress reduction properties.

That's not the only age defense mechanism of Curcumin...

Antioxidant Power
Antioxidant Power

Fighting Carcinogens

Oxidation destroys healthy cells
ROS (reactive oxygen species) is what creates most oxidative stress in cells.   This oxidation leads to once healthy cells aging faster and weakened cells being potentially destroyed faster.

Antioxidants can reduce, prevent, and counter the damage that ROS does to the body.

Studies show Curcumin's antioxidant power

As an antioxidant, curcumin has been shown to act as a chemopreventive and reduce the effects of carcinogenic cancer causes agents in the body. (34)

Curcumin is highly effective at fight free radical oxidative damage 

Extra antioxidant assistance

In addition to fighting cellular oxidation, curcumin also helps to stimulate the body's own natural antioxidant defense mechanisms.   

Turmeric root
Curcumin Sources

Pretty Much Turmeric

Boosting your Curcumin intake

If you're interested in getting more Curcumin into your diet then there are a couple of ways.  First, you can look for natural sources from food, lastly, you could take a supplement in capsule form.

If you want to increase your dietary intake then here are the best sources of Curcumin:

  • Turmeric -  This is the most well-known source which is 3% by weight

  • Mango Ginger - This far rarer rhizome also has a pretty good curcumin content

  • Curry Powder - Almost all curry powders contain substantial proportions of turmeric

Curcumin supplements

There are quite a few supplements available on the market for those who do not wish to consume large amounts of turmeric but it's important to understand a couple of things about the absorption of this powerful substance before you commit to buy.

Curcumin absorption

Curcumin is not very absorbable.  For this reason, it frequently has the black pepper extract Piperine added which is an immense help to its absorbability. 

Curcumin is also fat-soluble, so consuming it with a fat source will also help you to extract all the health benefits this exceptional compound has to offer.

So, to summarize:

 > Inflammation kills and curcumin is a wonderful anti-inflammatory

 > It is an effective antioxidant and is also an antidepressant

> Black pepper and a fat source help its absorption exponentially

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ endorsing the health benefits of curcumin for anti-aging

AJ Says:

"Look, there aren't many sources of curcumin in food, and up until researching, I never had heard of mango ginger, so I don't see that being very useful.

Either chow-down loads of turmeric with black pepper and a fat source or opt for it in pill form"

Next up is the most popular topical anti-wrinkle compound in the world...

6. Retinoids

Anti-wrinkle retinoids
A Wrinkle Reducer That Works

No Hype, Just Results

It's easy to get confused

There are literally thousands of topical skin products on the market​.

You can't walk a few yards in a women's department without seeing some product touted as "age-defying", "wrinkle-reducing", "youth accelerating" - Well, you get the picture.

Lotions, creams, gels, solutions, droppers, syringes, pumps, and sprays.   

There are a lot of choices.  Retinoids are widely considered to be the best ingredient of the bunch.

Retin-A molecule
What Are Retinoids?​


So then, what are retinoids?

Retinoids are a derivative of Vitamin A.   They are a very special form of the Vitamin A molecule that has been shown in peer-reviewed ​clinical studies to assist in the regeneration of skin cells.

Youthful appearance

For anyone looking to maintain youth skin (at least externally), this product has become a very popular additive to many anti-aging skin formulas.

Tretinoin (Retin-A)

Tretinoin was originally used as an acne treatment but it was discovered that people with skin pigmentation were seeing some of the discoloration removed or healed altogether.

This made for a promising anti-aging treatment.

Science of retenoids on cell aging
Do Retinoids Fight Cell Aging?​

A Look At The Science

Do Retinoids fight cell aging? 

Well, according to this article by Harvard Medical School, the mechanism whereby retinoids help to keep skin looking youthful is cellular stimulation. (35)

Cell stimulation

This stimulation increases the production of new blood vessels under the skin and assists in the creation of more collagen.

More collagen production = Better skin elasticity and firmness.

For this reason, many of the world's best anti-aging skin formulas have retinoids as a significant ingredient.

Retinoid caution
Retinoid Cautions

What To Watch For 

As with many effective products, there are potential issues for some people.

Retinoid cautions include: 


Not everyone can use stronger concentrations and may develop, itchiness, rashes, or irritations.


Weaker compounds are available on the market, so, anyone with mild effects might be able to use less potent formulations.


Because of the stimulation of collagen production and cellular turnover, it's recommended that retinoids are not used prior to sun exposure.   

So, to summarize:

> Retinoids are effective in assisting the skin in fighting aging


> They have solid evidence behind their effectiveness​

> They shouldn't be used prior to being in the sun.

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ recommending retinoids for anti-aging

AJ Says:

"Great science behind retinoid use and a proven track record means retinoids are an excellent preventative measure in the fight against wrinkles.


They might be a great choice before considering plastic surgery which might tighten your facial skin and possibly make you look like an alien"

This next substance is exceptionally effective in combating cellular deterioration and senectitude..

5. Resveratrol

Grapes containing resveratrol to slow oldness


Now, unless you've been living under a rock... 

You've probably heard of resveratrol.​  It's fairly frequently touted as an exceptional anti-aging compound.

Wine, wine, wine

In fact, you've probably heard a friend justify their excess wine consumption solely on the basis that grapes have resveratrol.   I admire your friend's commitment to fighting aging.

Well, guess what?

The good news is that resveratrol really can help to stave off the effect of Father Time.  There are some caveats.  Let's look a little closer.

Resveratrol molecule
What Is Resveratrol?​


The wonder compound

You probably don't know resveratrol by its laboratory name: 3,5,4'-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene but it's more than likely that you've heard that it is a compound found in grapes and therefore wine. (36)

So, what is resveratrol, exactly?

It's been widely touted as a potential age-defying polyphenol that may help keep you youthful on the inside and outside. 

All is not as it seems

There's a couple of misconceptions surrounding resveratrol, the main being that it's the antioxidant nature of it that is what helps to combats aging. 

Calorie mimetic action
Powerful Antioxidant

But That's Not All...

The twist in the tale

While resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and there's been much talk about antioxidants helping to slow the aging process, that's not the mechanism that this exceptional compound uses to slow down aging.

The reality of resveratrol

Reveratrol is a calorie restriction mimetic in that consuming it may make your body believe that it is in a calorie-restricted state (more on calorie deficits later).​

This can have a significant effect on aging because calorie restriction has numerous age slowing benefits.

Red wine health benefits
Which Foods Contain Resveratrol?​

Scant Few

Not many to be found

As mentioned above, you can find resveratrol in the skin of many grapes and therefore red wine.

It's also found in blueberries, knotweed (polygonum cuspidatum), peanuts, as well as a few other berries. 

Let's be real

The truth is you'd have to consume an unrealistic amount of these to get any real potent benefits and so supplementation is the best way to get enough resveratrol to defy aging in a ​measurable way.

Don't want to eat any of those resveratrol-containing foods?

If you're not interested in which foods contain resveratrol because you're not going to eat them, you can still get hold of this amazing youth-enabling substance.


There are many resveratrol supplements on the market but to get a beneficial amount you'd need to ingest about 1000mg or a single gram on a daily basis.

So, to summarize:

> Resveratrol prevents aging because of its calorie deficit mimetic, not its antioxidant value.

> Most foods containing resveratrol don't have enough to show a real benefit.

> Supplementation should be about a gram per day.

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ Says:

"Second only to an upcoming biological hack as a consumable anti-aging compound and it's easy to get a hold of.

You probably have a few friends that are more than happy to use this as an excuse to drink far more wine.  They could eat always eat more grapes but might not be as fun to be around "

Now, we look at how to use autophagy to eliminate senescent cells...

AJ James speaking about the aging prevention qualities of resveratrol

4. Fasting

Fasting clock for anti-senescence

Removing Senescent Cells


Massive anti-aging power 

The recent trend of celebrities using fasting has been centered around weight loss or at least weight management but what's become apparent with a slew of recent studies is how fasting can aid longevity.

A myriad of health benefits 

Weight loss, age defiance, improved cell health - These are just some of the benefits of fasting that make it irresistible to many people (including yours truly).

Tried and tested millions of times over

The sheer weight of numbers comprised of those people who have tried fasting and benefited is enormous and growing. 


More and more studies are being commissioned to look at even further health benefits associated with this power pro-longevity tool.

Let's take a look at how fasting helps us slow down those aging effects...

Science of fasting
The Science Of Fasting​

How It Combats Aging


This gets spoken of a lot in biohacking circles and if you're new to the concept, let me explain it:

The most basic premise of hormesis is that something which would be bad for you in large amounts is good in small amounts.  

Essentially, it's a favorable response to biological stress.

Hormesis and fasting

In the case of fasting, too much and you'll starve and at the extreme, die.  A little fasting and you'll enact hormesis, enabling several key health benefits. 

Studies on fasting say it works 

Science has shown that fasting has many anti-aging-related health benefits. (37)


Benefits of fasting may include:

Increased Pyrimidine & Purine production

Both of these chemicals improve gene expression efficiency.

Increased synthesis of antioxidants Ergotheoneine & Carnosine

These are powerful age-fighting antioxidants.

Increased creation of Ophthalmic Acid

This metabolite decreases in production with age but fasting can counter that. (38)

Fasting increases autophagy

Autophagy is the process whereby your body ostensibly eats itself.  It consumes cellular waste and rids the body of these dead, (senescent) cells.

During this process, damaged cells, viruses, and bacterial invaders may be destroyed.

Multiple hormetic benefits

The hormetic effect of fasting delivers several key benefits not just related to aging.  ​

Weight loss, growth hormone production, cellular efficiency, and a strengthened immune system are all advantageous obtainable through the hormetic effects of fasting.

12 hour fast window for youthfulness
How To Fast

It's Quite Simple

The 12-hour rule

It appears according to the aforementioned science, that 12 hours seems to be the minimum time require to fast where you can expect to reach an autophagic state and maximize the benefits of fasting.

Luckily, it's easy

The most simple principle is to not eat for an extended period of time.  For many people, it's as simple as just skipping breakfast.

Many people argue that what they've heard growing up was that it's nigh on impossible to function without a huge meal to start the day but that's simply not true and in many ways fallacious.

Choose your timing

It's completely up to the individual when and what they eat  It could be from mid-morning until dinner or you might be a shift worker who prefers to skip dinner altogether in favor of a larger middle-meal.

It's actually quite convenient 

Many people swear by the convenience of not having that extra meal to prepare or worry about. 

Risks of fasting
Risks Of Fasting​

There Are A Couple

Diabetic issues

Some forms of diabetes may result in precluding someone from being able to fast properly. 

Needless to say, this might be dependent upon the proclivity towards hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Sports performance

What you may not be aware of is that many athletes use fasting for the health benefits it confers.  Some also change their diet specifically on the day of their sporting endeavors.

Sometimes it is just not practical for sports requiring constant energy replenishment such as endurance events. 

Energy problems

There is a myriad of health problems based around energy production issues (too numerous to go into here).

Individuals with such indispositions may not find fasting particularly suitable for their needs

So, to summarize:

> Fasting helps reduce aging effects and strengthen cells

> It has a lot of practical health benefits

> Some people may not be able to (or at least struggle to) do it

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ referencing the power of autophagy for preventing oldness

AJ Says:

"Fasting changed my life.  It's so easy once you become adept at the timing and the benefits are too good to pass up.


It might seem like a bit of a trend but that's only because of its effectiveness being recognized"

That leads us to the next molecule which is shown to be the number one supplement when it comes to promoting longevity and combating aging...

3. NMN

Age-defying Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Age-Defying Molecule

The single most powerful anti-aging supplement known to science

This is that special biohack you've been waiting for.  A certain product that is new, powerful, and has a ton of science to back its efficacy.

The one

Once in a while, something very special comes along that surpasses all others in its field.​

For bodybuilding, it was creatine.  For fat burning, it was ephedra...

For slowing the aging process, it's NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide).

Consumed on a daily basis, this newly discovered product may help you battle aging from the inside out.

Let's take a look at NMN...

Science Of NMN
Science Of NMN

It Starts In The Cells

Fighting cellular damage​

Cells age, they degrade and die.  ​It's a harsh reality.  Every cell in our body reaches its biological limit.

Stopping, preventing, or even slowing this process would be a wonderful thing right?

Harvard science

According to a recent article published by Harvard Medicine, the science behind NMN or nicotinamide mononucleotide is explained as having a defensive mechanism that helps prevent cellular damage to human DNA. (39)

If you can prevent this degradation of cells then it's possible to indeterminately defy aging to some degree.   

This has huge repercussions

The promising idea that DNA damage can be somewhat mitigated has made this product an automatic must-have to biohackers and longevity-seeking enthusiasts.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, telomeres protect DNA and as they (telomeres) shrink, the DNA strands are more susceptible to destruction and end-life.

NMN may circumvent this to a degree that warrants serious enthusiasm for anti-aging biohackers or anyone looking to battle the effects and ravages of time.

It assists NAD+ function

More on that below...

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide fight aging

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

What is NAD+?

NAD+ is a naturally present metabolite that functions as a protein interaction regulator ​that helps control the repair of DNA. (40)


NMN works as a booster that supports the functional processes of NAD+ 

By doing this, nicotinamide mononucleotide can by proxy, help in the repair of DNA and assist in the prevention of again.

Is NMN Safe?​
Is NMN Safe?​

So Far, So Good!

As far as we know - Yes 

There are no current studies showing any danger in nicotinamide mononucleotide usage.

How much do you need?

It's believed that the minimum ingested dosage is quite high at 1 gram per day.

How much does it cost?

The price varies but can be found for around $100 for a month's supply

So, is NMN safe for people looking to beat biological aging? 

There is no proof that it is dangerous but then again there are not sufficient long-term studies to entirely support safe long-term use.

So, to summarize:

 > NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) helps mitigate some level of DNA damage

  > It assists the function of NAD+ in cell repair

 > It can be supplemented on a daily basis

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ talking about NMN for staying young

AJ Says:

"Definitely the single best anti-aging supplement that you can buy. 


It might be a bit pricey for some people but just think of all the extra things you'll be able to do when you're 140 and living on Mars"

Lastly, but not least(ly) is the single most important thing you can do to stay looking younger, healthier, and to maintain a biological environment that can effectively fight all of the catabiotic conditions that cause significant aging...

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber to Lengthen Your Telomeres
Lengthen Your Telomeres

...And Live Longer

This is powerful stuff

In the hunt for anti-aging tools, one of the strongest actions we can take is to preserve our telomeres.

Those impossibly important DNA protectors are one of the keys to longevity and preventing age-related damage.​

Unfortunately, there are only a few things human beings can do that reduce telomere shrinkage but the good news is that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is definitely one of them.

Protect your Chromosomes

There have been a lot of "skin-deep"biohacks in this guide and a lot of them work well to prevent and protect the skin from visible aging but HBOT works at the DNA level for all cells inside and out.

You're gonna want to take a look at this...

What Is Hypobaric Oxygen Therapy?


Normally the amount of oxygen we breathe is 20% and is distributed throughout the body via plasma.

The goal of HBOT is to maximize oxygen delivery and it does this through pressurization and purity.

A hyperbaric chamber is much like a tanning bed but with a hermetic seal and added pressurization. When someone enters the chamber 100% pure oxygen is pumped in at pressure which may increase the body's oxygen supply by 10x or more.

This process can improve blood supply to hypoxic (lacking oxygen) areas and reverse tissue deterioration. It's frequently used for injury recovery in professional sports but is becoming more known for its exciting effects on chromosomal telomeres.

Telomere picture
Why Telomeres Are Important

Your Life Shield

Chromosomal Degradation

Cellular division is one of the keys to life - It's a constant while you are living but every time your cells divide and renew your telomeres shrink a little.

Once they shrink too much the telomeres are no longer able to fulfill their function of protecting the DNA within your chromosomes and the result is cell destruction, aging, and death. (45)

Your very own life shield

If you think of your telomeres as a life shield then it's easier to understand that when that shield shrinks to zero, your life goes along with it.

That's a brutally sobering piece of information but a necessary one to possess.

Planing accordingly

So, if you didn't already understand telomeres, hopefully now you might have a slightly better grasp.

Protecting them is one of the keys to longevity - Let's see how HBOT can help...

Lengthening Telomeres​ to live longer
Lengthening Telomeres​

Oxygen Therapy 

Sheer potential

Most biohacks centered around cellular anti-again tend to be protective whether it's protecting cells or reducing the rate of shrinking telomeres.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy takes this to a whole new level as it actually may lengthen telomeres.

This was thought to be impossible

Prior to a decade ago, the idea of lengthening your slowly degrading telomeres was more hopeful fiction than a genuine possibility.

Even some studies that showed potential telomere lengthening were a bit loose with the science and weren't definitive.

Recent results

In a published 2020 clinical trial 35 subjects aged 64 and older were given 60 daily hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions which resulted in a potential increase in some telomere length by up to 20%. (46)

This is exciting for anyone with an even fleeting interest in longevity or health in general.

Senescent cell clearance

Another powerful longevity tool as mentioned above (biohack #4) is fasting.  This is done to remove those senescent (dead) cells that may cause many health issues.

In the clinical trial from the previous paragraph, along with telomere lengthening, HBOT was found to be noteworthy in its ability to produce measurable senescent cell clearance, making it even stronger as a de-aging process.

 Is HBOT Safe? 
 Is HBOT Safe? 

What Are The Dangers?

Cataract maturation

According to the University Of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, HBOT may make pre-existing cataracts mature at a faster rate but has not been shown to cause cataracts at all. (47)​

A drop in blood sugar

Some patients experience hypoglycemia which is why eating is recommended before the process.​

Sinus and ear pressure & pain

Some people may experience ear barotrauma or painful sinus pressure.  These results are very rare.

Check with your service provider

There are a few more statistically unlikely outliers that have occurred but are highly unlikely to.​

If you are interested in this procedure then be sure to require a fact and risk sheet from your provider.

So, to summarize:

> Telomeres protect chromosomes but shrink over time

> HBOT may increase telomere length

> HBOT may also decrease senescent cells

> It may be worth knowing if you're in the higher risk category before deciding

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ recommending hyperbaric oxygen therapy for longevity

AJ Says:

"This is one that I'm hugely interested in.  The actual process seems very safe and the potential longevity effects are very exciting"

Now, lastly our number one anti-aging biohack...

1. Control DNA Methylation

DNA Metylation
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Protect Your DNA 

Protecting your Youth


DNA methylation

Earlier on in this guide, I spoke of some of the most significant factors affecting aging and one of them is the rate at which DNA methylation occurs.

Given the current scientific understanding of the methylation cycle of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), it appears there is an observable link between DNA hypomethylation and aging. (42)

Reducing DNA hypomethylation

It appears that there are some things we can do to offset the potential aging effects of this methylation factor.

Let's take a look at how DNA hypomethylation ages us and the countermeasures available...

What Is DNA Hypomethylation?
What Is DNA Hypomethylation?

Hypo Vs Hyper

The methylation cycle

Methyl groups known as CH3 are transited to DNA in order to fulfill gene expression activity.

As we get older, it appears that CPG sites in genomic sequences may become unmethylated, and in the process of losing this access to methyl groups, leads to possible health issues like cancer and advanced aging. (43)

This state of hypomethylation also can lead to genomic instability and potential chromosomal aberrations which can lead to cancer.  

Global DNA hypomethylation can be observed in most cancers. (44)

DNA hypermethylation

This is the opposite of DNA Hypomethylation and instead of losing methyl groups, hypermethylation is when there is instead, an excess of methyl is available leading to an over-methylated state of CPG sites in the genome.

Excess amounts of homocysteine in the human body are believed to increase methyl group availability.  High consumption of animal meat (as opposed to organs and connective tissues) can lead to much higher homocysteine levels.

Balanced methyl exposure
What Can We Do About Methylation?
Getting It Right

Finding the Goldilocks level

Your own particular genetic variation plays a rather large role in how methylation of your DNA occurs.

What we also know is that several nutritional factors come into play when talking about efficient DNA methylation.

Cancer or cancer and aging

Although hypermethylation (too much DNA methyl exposure) can lead to cancer and health issues, it appears that hypomethylation (too little DNA methyl exposure) can also be a precursor to many health issues but in particular, is linked to aging.

Controlling methylation factors

Given what we currently know, controlling methylation factors might just be within reach by utilizing DNA testing and applying the correct and proportionate lifestyle and nutritional factors based on a given person's requirements.​

DNA hypomethylation prevention
Anti-Hypomethylation Nutrition
Preventing Under-Methylation

The right nutrients for your DNA

For the methylation process to work efficiently we need to have access to all the nutrients required for maximum functioning.

Important nutrients in the DNA methylation cycle include:

Choline (Found in eggs, animal liver, beef, and wheat germ)

Folate (Found in legumes, nuts, seeds, beef liver, and eggs)

Betaine - Trimethylglycine (Found in beets, spinach, brown rice, and beef)

B2 - Riboflavin (Found in most grains and dairy products)

B6 - Pyridoxine (Found in organ meat, fish, potatoes, and starchy veggies)

B12 - Cobalamin (Found in eggs, meat, fish, poultry, and dairy)

Magnesium - (Found in leafy greens, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains)

By consuming the right amounts of these nutrients it may be possible to lower the occurrence of DNA hypomethylation. In order to know the correct balance for your body and genetic make-up, a DNA test can be taken to assess exactly what optimal levels are (more information below)

DNA hypermethylation prevention

Anti-Hypermethylation Nutrition

Preventing Over-Methylation

Reducing homocysteine levels

One of the main culprits in causing hypermethylation is the presence of excess homocysteine in the body.  It can also lead to endothelial cell damage which can cause a number of problematic health issues.​ (45)

By reducing dietary sources of amino acids that cause elevated homocysteine levels, we can potentially counter DNA hypermethylation.

Eat less meat

Meat (especially red meat) contains methionine which increases homocysteine levels so reducing the amount of meat consumed could be advantageous.

Another option is to eat more of the whole animal such as organ meat which is much lower in methionine. 

Be aware of homocysteine-increasing medications

Some meds may actually increase homocysteine levels significantly enough to warrant concern. These medications may impair folate absorbability or reduce homocysteine metabolic efficiency. (46)

Medications may include:









If you're on any of these meds, you may want to investigate if you have nutritional folate deficiency or check your homocysteine levels.

Supplement with taurine

Clinic studies have shown that taurine has a lowering effect on homocysteine. (47)


This form of cysteine actually transplants homocysteine in the bloodstream and has an almost immediate and measurable effect in lowering homocysteine levels. (48)

DNA gene test

Getting Your DNA Tested

Understanding Your Genes

Get a genetic advantage

If you are serious about fighting aging and want to biohack your DNA properly in order to control methylation then you can take some of the guesswork out of the process with a DNA testing kit.

By undertaking this test, you can find out many factors in your genetic make-up including health markers and potential dangers.

Finding the perfect balance

By having your DNA tested you can find out exactly how much choline, folate, betaine, magnesium, and B group vitamins you need to prevent hypomethylation.

You can also find out your genetic propensity towards homocysteine processing and prevent hypermethylation.

Get yourself tested

If you'd like to take a DNA test there is a great company that does a very thorough analysis with 100 clinically relevant genes (151 SNPs) for a whole-body approach to wellness and 8 targeted reports profiling Digestion, Energy, Hormones, Stress & Cognitive Performance, Inflammation & Longevity, DNA Repair, Detoxification, and Athletic Performance.

You can get your test right here 

So, to summarize:

> DNA Hypomethylation occurs with aging and may be fixed with some nutrition

> DNA Hypermethylation occurs when there's too much homocysteine present

> Professional DNA testing can help identify methylation markers making it easier

AJ's Biohack Rating:​


AJ Says:

"It's pretty simple, you need adequate nutrition to avoid hypomethylation and you need to eat less meat or more "whole animal"  to avoid hypermethylation  -  This could be an extremely powerful way to combat aging."

AJ speaking about methylation of DNA for longevity and anti-aging benefits
Anti-Aging Biohacking


That was a lot to get through

There we have it, folks.

30 ways to live longer, look younger, slow aging, beat mother nature at her own game (almost). 

A lot of these biohacks are pretty actionable

So, you can start using them straight away without requiring too much setup or cost.  Some of them are a little more complex and may require purchasing some items and supplements.

Considering how important sleep is, it may be the best investment you've ever made.


You don't have to implement every single sleeping tip in this guide, straight away or at all.   You have the latitude to try one at a time and see what works and I really hope you do.

There are many more biohacks right here

If you enjoyed this guide to anti-aging and want to learn more really useful biohacks then be sure to check out our other pages on Improve Evolve.

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Knowledge Is Key

By now you've learned how important health is at the cellular level in order to stay young and youthful.   


We've shown you many products that can leave your skin softer and looking younger.

Aging is hard
Getting older isn't easy and whether you're 15 or 65, there's a lot of value placed on how you look by society. 


We could argue all day about the moral validity of such a situation's existence but that won't change the fact that it does very much exist.

Many people want to live longer in order to be with family, see new discoveries, or just achieve more in life.

Many people want to feel younger

There's absolutely no judgment from me on this.  People often want to look in the mirror and simply have the way they feel reflected back at them.

It's not easy watching the ravages of time eating away at who you once were

The information herein contained in this article is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or complaint, please seek professional medical advice.



30 Anti-Aging Biohacks - The Definitive Guide To  Biohacking Your Age


AJ James

AJ James Biohacker & Founder Of Improve Evolve

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