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If health-related biohacks and guides are what you're after, this is the right page for you.

Biohacking your health might just help you to become stronger, leaner, and increase your longevity.

It's never too late to start looking after your health.

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Sept 2, 2022

AJ James's Sleeping Routine

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

Having a sleep schedule and sticking to it can be one of the most powerful allies in getting the rest you need and deserve.

It's amazing what a little discipline and a few weeks to your routine can do.  Given that sleep plays a crucial role in our health, it only makes sense to take sleep as seriously as we do diet and exercise.  It'd be foolish not to.

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July 30, 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Dietary Fat

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

Demystifying what is good fat and what is bad, this guide to dietary fat shows how history may gave gotten it wrong when it comes to which fat is healthy and which fat is unhealthy. 

Everything you need to know about healthy fat and why you need them is inside this conclusive guide to everything you need to know about fats.

Science based benefits of spirulina
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June 14, 2022

15 Health Benefits Of Spirulina - According To Science

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

Far more than just some hipster fad, spirulina is one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet.  If you've never even heard of this amazing algae then let this article convince you of why you should add some to your diet.

Health benefit number 2 alone is enough to warrant this superfood as being a must-have, but with 14 other healthy benefits, you're going to want to consider the world's most powerful green supplement.

15 Health Benefits Of Black Pepper - Backed By Science
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June 06, 2022

15 Health Benefits Of Black Pepper - Backed By Science

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

Black pepper probably isn't even on your radar as far as health foods but I'm hoping that after you read this and see not only the powerful health benefits of black pepper but also its role in processing other nutritional compounds, you'll look at it in a whole new light.

These 15 healthy boons from black pepper make it well worth your time.

15 Science-Based Brain Foods that help boost your memory and intelligence levels
brain foods arrow

June 02, 2022

15 Science-Based Brain Foods

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition, Biohacking Your Mind 

If you were wondering if your diet could play a role in not only how you think but also your entire cerebral capacity, then the answer is an emphatic YES!

These 15 brain foods are backed by real studies and scientific citations, so, you can be sure they're going to help boost your intelligence and memory.

Sleeping Tips & Tricks
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March 25, 2022

31 Expert Sleep Biohacks

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

The beauty of biohacking is that it shows there is always a better way to achieve a goal.  When it comes to the subject of sleep and resting, these 31 biohacks can help to achieve the sort of sleep you've only "dreamed" of having.

Everyone can benefit from a good night's sleep and this biohacking guide is the best place to start.

Is Beer Healthy? - Biohacking your beer
is beer healthy arrow

March 17, 2022

Is Beer Healthy?

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

I know what you are thinking.  We'd need a miracle for beer to be considered anyway near a healthy drink, so, why would AJ be such a wide-eyed optimist?

As you're about to find out this isn't an exercise in rationalization but rather, an investigation into the health properties of beer, and what I found was very surprising...

7 Reasons Why Lack Of Sleep Is Extremely Dangerous
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March 10, 2020

7 Reasons Why Lack Of Sleep Is Extremely Dangerous

Tags: Biohacking Your Health & Nutrition

We've all been there, missing good sleep because of stress, poor eating, or maybe just terrible bedtime discipline.   


What you may not have known is the far-reaching implications of inadequate sleep and if you knew the harm just one bad night's rest could cause, wait until you find out the dangers of chronic sleep deprivation and why you might need to fix your sleeping routine right away...

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