The Definitive Guide To Biohacking Your Age


 Biohack #2:

Get Some Sunlight
Sunlight Is Fantastic For Your Health

Did you know that exposure to sunlight on a daily basis increases Vitamin D production, improves hormonal health, and can significantly reduce instances of depression?

According to this study on Vitamin D & depression, there is a massive benefit to getting your daily allottment of sunlight.

It's not just great for combating the debilitating effects of depression.

For anyone who is looking to reduce stress, extra sunlight might well be a sceintifically sound method of 

Toxic Relationships

Many studies cite toxic relationships as one of the most significant reasons a given individual may be stressed out.  It's tough.  

I understand it can be difficult to leave any relationship but if it's causing more stress than the absence of said relationship would then maybe it's time to end it and move.

Like many things, it's easier said than done but where help is available, ask friends and family for support, when you can.

 Work Environments​ 

I get it - We'd all like to just walk away from our job.

For many people though, they actually have the option to look for and find a better job in a far less stressful environment but for whatever reason, they don't.

Your job can be a lot like your relationship.  It's often something you've been with so long that the thought of leaving may elicit feelings of stress, so you don't ever leave.

But if you find your workplace is a constant source of the kind of stress that ages you and you dread going there - It might be time to reevaluate your priorities.

  Negative Communities

IIf you're a member of a gym, sports club, charity, social group, or really any community organization that is negative and creating serious stress issues for you then maybe it's a positive thing to leave.

It's alarming how often organizations that are supposed to be a really positive part of your life become the opposite because of toxic people.

It's always important to identify if you're in a situation that exposes you to negative relationships and the associated stressful situation the ensues.

Be Decisive

I'm not saying walk away from things that could possibly change for the better, by all means, fix what can be fixed, be it relationships, communities, or whatever is keeping you down.

The key takeaway here is that you're aware that stress can age you badly and that there are things in life that are a constant source of stress so, you may need to make a hard choice or two.