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How To
Reduce Wrinkles

On Your Face

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

Fighting Visible Lines

Author AJ James

A Complete Guide To Reducing Facial Wrinkles 

Using Science

You versus aging
Let's be honest, most of us don't enjoy aging.  Noticing fine lines can really wreck your day if you let it.

Most people want to maintain their youthful looks and this can require both internal and external care of their bodies.

I decided to investigate scientifically proven methods on how to prevent, erase and reduce wrinkles on your face.

Not just for the ladies

Something that's quite surprising to many people is that there are a lot of men for whom the subject of anti-aging is of substantial interest.   There are a vast number of males looking to retain their youthful looks and vitality.  

This guide to reducing facial wrinkles is very much for everyone.



Using science-based biohacks, it appears as though we are able to reduce skin wrinkling and prevent further wrinkles, and possibly even reverse some of the damage that aging appears to precipitate.

What Are Wrinkles?
What Are Wrinkles?
What Exactly Are Wrinkles, Anyway?

A Closer Look

Woe of the rhytide

A rhytide or wrinkle of the skin is a line on the face or body caused primarily by aging, but also by other numerous environmental and biological factors.

Wrinkles are seen as a sign of aging which in many cultures is not something to be aspired to.  Because of this, many people seek treatments and therapies in order to prevent and erase wrinkles.

As you age, collagen loses elasticity and this collagen degradation leads to the very lack of firmness in your skin that makes visible aging clear.


Reflecting on how you feel vs what you see
Because age is negatively associated with potential weaknesses such as physical degradation and mental decline, people often try to circumvent these prejudices by appearing younger.

The anti-aging industry is one of the most lucrative on the planet.

What Causes Wrinkles?
What Causes Wrinkles?

Youthful Decline

So, what exactly causes wrinkles?
Wrinkles are caused by many different factors of which chronological aging is the most well-known.  
Let's look at some of the aspects that influence wrinkling of the face which in turn might help us understand how to prevent wrinkles on your face and prevent as well as reverse aging.

As mentioned above, when a person ages, they produce less collagen and less elastin every year, in addition, they have more trouble forming GAGs or glycosaminoglycans - All of which help maintain youthful-looking skin. (1)

Regardless of environmental factors, every person will age and suffer the resultant loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

Some people just age better because the decline of the roles of collagen, elastin, and GAGs occurs slower in these genetically gifted individuals and this allows these particular folk what would appear to be a slower aging process in which they don't appear to get wrinkles at the same rate as other less fortunate people.

As if you didn't need another reason to quit, it's become common knowledge now that smoking can increase the signs of aging by making the skin more callous, discolored, and porous.

Smoking may cause a reduction in arteriolar and capillary blood flow further creating dead skin cells on the dermal surface.

Smoking has been shown to increase MMPs (metalloproteinases) which degrades matrix proteins contributing to premature aging. (2


A huge part of what biohacking is all about, is good health.  Smoking is one of the single most destructive activities you could partake in.  Suffice it to say there aren't many biohackers who smoke cigarettes.

Sun Damage
Excessive exposure to the sun can damage the skin and increase the visible signs of aging.

Ultraviolet light has a direct effect on skin collagen and connective tissue, breaking them down and having an impact on skin elasticity.

Sun damage can also create age spots, uneven skin tone, as well as dry and damage-prone skin.

Facial Expressions
Big facial expressions can lead to big lines.
Unfortunately, it is true that deep smiles create deep wrinkles.  Your facial expressions increase lines as they become permanent creases.  

No one is seriously suggesting stopping smiling, but controlling facial expressions goes a long way to preventing wrinkles on your face.  

Sleeping position
Well, this one really hurts for those of us who like our sleep.
Apparently, when you sleeping on your side or stomach, you may do so in a position that forces your face to squish into the pillow and over time this can create permanent lines on your face.

Lack of sleep can also lead to wrinkles.   

While you are asleep, your body produces collagen, but a lack of sleep can lead to a reduction in collagen production, which will possibly increase the signs of aging including wrinkles on the skin.

I happen to have created the most comprehensive sleep guide on the internet which you can view for free called 31 expert sleep biohacks which is well worth reading if you want a much better quality of sleep. (Hot tip: You should!)

The problem with sugar is that through a process named glycation, sugar molecules are bonded to proteins and lipids (fats) in the blood. 

The end result of this process can lead to damage to collagen which is the last thing you want if you're worried about wrinkles. (3)

These are some of the main factors in aging.  We may be able to reverse some of the damage by using biohacking and some smart science.

What about wrinkling?
So What Does This All Mean?


Fighting the aging process
There are a lot of different ways to get wrinkles, but aging will get you in the end.

That doesn't mean we can't slow down the aging process and fight those wrinkling rhytides, because we absolutely can.

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face 
Prevention and reduction. Getting rid of wrinkles is a fair bit harder than prevention.  If you really want to know how to reduce wrinkles on your face, then you need to add prevention to your routine.

Let's have a look at some ways to not only reduce wrinkles and lines but also prevent them in the future:

Exfoliating scrub
Dermal Scrubs

Cleanse Your Way To Youthful Skin

Facial Scrubs
These are actually pretty good for keeping your face free of dead skin cells and coarser, thickened skin.

Using an abrasive scrub can assist in taking off that top layer of skin and leaving a fresher, revived-looking face.

There are many types of exfoliating scrubs on the market but some of the more natural, plant-based ones may be lower in hormone affecting endocrine disruptors, which may be beneficial.

More than just a cleanser

What you may not know is that a good dermal scrub may not only remove the out layer of skin but can also stimulate deeper layers of skin and help to improve collagen production - Which is something of great value to those looking to maintain youthful-looking skin. 

Controlling Expressions
Controlling Expressions

Mindfully Expression Yourself

Be careful with facial expressions
Well, don't stop them - Just be aware of the effect of facial lines caused by excessive smiling.  This one is for some people who fear wrinkles a little more than others.  

Personally, I think it's really at the extreme end but some people really do fear wrinkles and aging so much that they're willing to be quite mindful about their facial expressions.


Celebrity trends

There's a real trend for Hollywood celebrities to keep an aloof, smileless expression on the red carpet.  It's hard not to believe that in the vanity-stricken world, that it's not purely for the prevention of wrinkles.

This author wouldn't give up facial expressions for the world.  There are some genuine benefits to stress reduction and general happiness in smiling a lot.


Reign it in at your own discretion.

The Power Of Sleep
The Power Of Sleep

Rest, Recovery, Remove Wrinkles?

Get quality sleep
Knowing that lack of sleep is bad, be sure to get a good 8-9 hours of sleep per night and take care to not stuff your face into your pillow as it causes long-term wrinkles (and can affect your breathing).


As mentioned in the section on how wrinkles form, there is some evidence to suggest rhytides develop when the very pillow you sleep on constantly creases your skin leading to permanent wrinkles.

A night mask may help

There is some evidence to show that among anti-aging strategies, wearing a nighttime mask to bed may help to reduce overall skin friction which may prevent wrinkles. (4)

So, get to sleep nice and early and maybe wear a night mask to protect your crow's feet area.

Get better sleep

Longer, deeper sleep can help to ensure collagen regeneration as well as optimal health.   

Sun Safety for wrinkle prevention
Sun Safety

UV Dangers

Be very careful in the sun
The sun can cause premature aging including wrinkles so avoid excess exposure if you can.  I'm a big proponent (like most biohackers) of getting some natural sunlight every day for the fantastic health benefits of Vitamin D production but it's important to be cautious at the same time.


A little sun exposure is good for you, but too much can be very dangerous to your health with the possibility of skin cancers like melanoma.

Collagen destruction

According to a study of collagen peptides, UV light can actually break down collagen cells in the skin which means that long-term susceptibleness to the sun could lead to significantly aging. (5)

As evidenced in our complete guide to biohacking your age and longevity, the sun can play a significant role in damaging your skin and furthering wrinkling at an accelerated rate.

Getting ten minutes of healthy sunlight each day is great, but more than that without some form of protection increases the risk of aging, skin cancer, and sunburn.  Wear high SPF low paraben sunscreen (to reduce endocrine disruptors), find shade, and if in doubt stay in not out.

Sugar ages skin
Sugar Regulation

Glycemic Management

Avoid sugar
Apart from being shown to contribute heavily to weight gain, sugar has a damaging effect on skin collagen.


Sugar creates glycation which is where sugar molecules can bind to proteins and fats which can lead to measurable damage to the skin at a cellular level,

Knowing that sugar can give you wrinkles, it can prudent to opt for a diet high in vegetables and good-quality proteins.


Biohacking your carbs

There are some ways to biohack your carb intake so that you reduce the effects of sugar and blunt some of the damage they can do.


One of my favorite biohacks is taking Ceylon cinnamon as well as cardamom with a meal can lower the glycemic effect of all the carbohydrates contained in the meal (including the sugar).  Also, ingesting digestive bitters can help to regulate the way in which sugar is processed. 

So, keeping away from nasty sugar makes you look younger and leaner.  Sounds pretty good.

Wrinkle-causing cigarette
Ditch The Cigarettes

Increase Health & Youthfulness

Do not smoke
As if you didn't already know, smoking can wreak havoc on your health.   What it does to your skin is pretty bad too.  

If you want to reduce wrinkles or just avoid them in the future, keep well away from cigarettes and people who smoke around you.

Smoking can damage your skin and visibly age you. 


There is even a study with a set of twins where one smoked for years and the other did not - The twin who smoked appeared significantly older than the non-smoker. (6)

That study is pretty telling.  Smoking dries your skin out, clogs your pores, and ages you from the outside in.  

Ditch the cigarettes if you want more youthful skin without as many wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin (BoNT)​

Botulinum toxin (BoNT)

Botox vs wrinkles
There's no doubt about it, Botox does work, but it's certainly not the treatment for everyone.  It can be pricey, painful, and make you look... Different.

Not everyone who has botox looks completely natural, so it's a trade-off many people have to consider.  There's also a possible reduction in facial muscle movement which can be very undesirable.

Again, it's something to consider.  It does reduce facial expression which causes wrinkles and it can give a tighter appearance but it comes at a cost that's not just financial.   

Visual verisimilitude

Abuse of Botox can result in a look that can be quite unnerving if it's not something you've experienced.  As I already spoke of, there are times that it can make you look "different".  It can also make you look older.

There's a mental process called amodal completion where our brain can complete an image or thought process based on partial information.   There's a fairly recognizable connection between the Botox look and middle-aged and older recipients of said procedure.

Younger women for whom Botox is a preventative anti-wrinkle measure can often look older as people simply make an amodal completion based on the Botox look.   Not exactly what the young women are aiming to achieve.

Botox side effects

Some people may also experience side effects of botox including but not limited to: 
Rashes, difficulty breathing and swallowing, feeling nauseated, stomach complaints, feeling itchy, pain, swelling, headaches, and infection.  (7)

Omega 3 Fatty Acid contained in fish
Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Lipid Power

Healthy Omega 3 Fats
Omega 3 fatty acids are great for your skin because of their structurally hydrating properties.  Many new anti-wrinkle supplements contain omega 3's due to their powerful age-defying effects. (7)

Omega 3 deficiency

Maintaining a diet that is lacking in healthy fats can leave your skin looking sallow and dry, increasing the possibility of wrinkles and damaged skin. Modern dietary habits have seen a drastic reduction in the consumption of quality monounsaturated fats and omega 3-rich fish in lieu of an increased omega 6 polyunsaturated fat intake, which is far less than desirable.


Eating for your skin
Be sure to consume plenty of oily fish like wild-caught salmon, tuna, and trout.  


Some nuts are also a good source of the best dietary fatty acids. You can learn more in our complete guide to dietary fat.


Macadamia, hazelnut, and Brazil nuts are the best low omega 6 nut sources of omega-3 fats. A biohack that is quite popular is to consume turmeric or its constituent curcumin with plant-based (alpha-lipoic acid) omega 3 fats as it helps to convert them into the most optimal forms of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 

Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Rich
Eat Dark Chocolate

Antioxidant Supreme

Eat some dark chocolate
Chocolate has been proven to contain excellent anti-aging properties that can help keep your skin looking younger and prevent wrinkles from forming on your face.

Dark chocolate has been shown to contain high polyphenol levels which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and may contain measurable anti-aging characteristics. (8)


Antioxidants such as the ones in dark chocolate can help fight the aging effects of free radical oxidization on skin cells, helping to prevent wrinkles.

Consume in moderation
Don't overeat it, but it's perfectly fine to have a little dark chocolate every day to enjoy the anti-aging benefits of the antioxidant compounds found in this very popular and tasty snack.  Opt for the low sugar higher cacao count type and you'll get the maximum benefits possible.

There are many brands of chocolate that offer sugar-free, naturally sweetened varieties that are still packed with high-quality antioxidants that can help to prevent wrinkles.

Retinoids For Skin Hydration 

Skin Hydration 

Remarkable retinoids
Topical over-the-counter retinoid creams have been proven to be pretty very efficacious in studies regarding skin care management and the reduction of wrinkles. (9

Retinoids work by stimulating the production of new collagen and reducing the effectiveness of collagenase which can be destructive to your skin.


Some prescription retinoids such as tretinoin are more powerful but have more side effects which might not be right for every skin type.  The stronger the concentration, the higher risk for some of the more invasive side effects like rashes, burning sensations, and blotching.

Over-the-counter retinol creams can be quite effective without being as potentially harsh for the skin.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers

Facial Putty

Filling in your fine lines

These are products injected directly into the skin to "fill" the crevasses created by wrinkles.

Some skin fillers contain collagen or collagen-like substances and some may contain artificial substances.

Reducing wrinkles on your face

Dermal fillers are very effective for reducing the visibility of rhytides on your face but it's very important to note that they do nothing to prevent further wrinkles nor do they treat the cause of skin wrinkling to begin with.

Fillers are a stop-gap (no pun intended) measure to hide wrinkles and simply do not remedy the situation, however, they are very effective at what they were created to do.


Find a respected clinician

If the filler is not applied right or the person is sensitive to the treatment complications can arise that result in very painful symptoms and possibly permanent effects.  It's best to find a reputable provider to ensure the most optimal outcome for your dollar.

Skin layers for dermal abrasion
Abrasion Therapy

Going Beyond Skin-Deep

Dermal abrasion
Some people undergo chemical peels to remove the outer layer of skin, leaving the more youthful fresh layer of sub-dermal tissue exposed.  


Dermabrasion involving abrasive wands and high friction devices is another method used to achieve this end goal.


This process can be very painful as a layer of skin is ostensibly abrased off the face leaving open the possibility of redness and swelling as well as other potential complications.

Generally if purchasing a device, it's best to try a small area first to monitor the potential for a reaction.

This anti-wrinkle method has been shown to work fairly well with the caveat being that if the skin trauma is in excess of the benefit of the result, then it may in fact tax the body so much that there's the potential for it causing aging.  

Abrasion therapy really depends on a given person's ability to recover. 

 Best Anti-Wrinkle Strategy scientist
 Best Anti-Wrinkle Strategy?

Optimizing The Benefits


Something as simple as prioritizing sleep and being sun smart can be effective ways to prevent the formation of new wrinkles or at the very least, slow down some of the effects of aging.  They're also both free, so, for a cost-effective way to fight aging you can't go wrong there.

For a more proactive approach, you will undoubtedly need a couple of high-quality anti-wrinkle products.


What to buy?

Retinoids and natural moisturizers are a great first step as part of any anti-wrinkle plan.  Dry skin ages faster.  Moisturized skin looks better and doesn't develop rhytides (wrinkles) at the same rate.

Look for a high-quality retinoid product preferably with the addition of some hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E.

Microdermabrasion devices are pretty pricey, but derma rollers are actually really effective and only a fraction of the price and seem to be a really powerful and effective anti-wrinkle strategy.


High antioxidant food

Fight free radicals can help slow aging, so, consuming low sugar organic dark chocolate or a highly nutritious spirulina source can help you boost your antioxidant levels and reduce the effects of age-related rhytides.

reducing wrinkles solved
How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face


The final verdict

There we have it.  Some powerful anti-aging strategies that can help fight those unsightly wrinkles you never want to see when you look in the mirror.

What about body positivity?

I've said it once and I'll repeat it, er, repeatedly - Everyone is going to age, every single person will become wrinkled if you live long enough.  There's no denying it. 


Unfortunately, sometimes the way we feel doesn't match how energetic and youthful we feel inside, so, there's no shame in trying to improve our appearance as long as it comes with tempered expectations and the realization that it's a constant process.


Things to remember

Many of the things that slow the aging process help your overall health.  Rich antioxidant food doesn't just prevent or slow aging, it can help you fight diseases and many ailments.

Being healthy is one of the best ways to combat aging, especially the visible signs.


The last word
Acceptance of wrinkles is important because once you hit a certain age (which can be quite young) they're with you for life but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your physical goals.

Aging gracefully may be admirable but there's absolutely no disgrace in being healthy, happier, and feeling good about doing so.


The information contained in this article is offered for informational purposes only.  This information is not intended for the purpose of diagnosing or treating ailments and should you wish to seek such advice, please contact an appropriate medical professional.

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

Fighting Visible Lines

By AJ James

AJ James Biohacker & Founder Of Improve Evolve

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