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What Is Biohacking?

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A Complete Guide To What Biohacking Is

Achieving What We All Desire - But Faster


You're probably new to this whole "biohacking" concept and that's great, don't panic.

It's an exciting concept with so much to offer and many interesting ideas.

Just imagine the ability to:

+ Become Smarter

+ Reduce Body Fat

+ Sleep Easier

+ Gain Muscle

+ Increase Energy

+ Reduce Stress

+ Slow Aging

+ Be Happier

All of this is absolutely possible for many people through biohacks.

New Discovery

There is a lot for you to gain because there are some really exciting new discoveries being made almost daily about how we can do things better.  

From new tech to the latest medical advances, there are constantly new discoveries allowing for even better progress in the areas of health and well-being

Limitless Potential

Let's face it, we all want to do things a little better or even just a bit more efficient.


Time is limited but our ambitions are limitless.

Biohacking Is Finding Cutting Edge 

Biological Improvements That Work

What Is Biohacking


About then?

 Science + Health + Technology +  Experimentation 

Cutting Edge Tech

The foundational concept centers around the premise of "hacking" your health with science and using cutting edge methods and technologies.

If it works better and faster, as well as being superior you can bet a biohacker is doing it.

Sometimes it's using technology to boost health, sometimes it's avoiding bad tech.

Finding The Best Way

If there is a better way to improve health and well-being then you could consider that way to be a



Avoiding Biological & Existential Negatives

Most biohackers like myself, believe and understand that your health is more than just what you eat but is also a culmination of unseen environmental factors and even things as small as a bad friendship/relationship that can actually cause an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol which wreaks havoc on your health and immune system.

Anyone Can Do It

There are many types of biohacks that people like myself employ and for the most part, yes, your average person can very much implement many of these.

Biohacking brings together not just what you eat, not just your physical activity but also takes into account the dangerous things you are exposed to on a daily basis.   We try to eliminate the things that poison us slowly.

...And You Are Being Poisoned!

Biohacking 101: 

Avoiding Toxins

Poor Environment = Poor Health

Environmental Poisons

Look, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news here but in case you didn't notice, we live in a world where seemingly innocuous items like plastic bags, bottles and a lot of household cleaning items can contain chemicals called endocrine disruptors than can negatively affect your hormonal health.


Many people attribute a societal wide decline in male testosterone levels to this exposure.

The World Is Exposed To 260 Million Tons Of Plastic Per Year

According to this scientific research  - The figure is growing.

For most of us (especially me), avoiding plastics was the first thing we did when we decided to become a biohacker.

Biohackers Avoid Toxic Products

One of the first things a person does on their biohacking journey is to eliminate those products that we come into contact with that can seriously affect our health.

Men especially can feel the effects of endocrine disruption as they may suffer from low testosterone and a concomitant loss of erectile capability

We smother our food in toxins, we wrap our food in chemicals then we avoid fat because it's "unhealthy".



Finding Natural & Safe Alternatives

Natural is best.   I'm very much a man of science and I do understand the naturalist fallacy whereby there is an assumption that all things in nature are beneficial and all things from a lab are evil.

This is clearly not true as anyone who as a child ate a poisonous could attest (and some adults).

There are, however, many great natural products that are absent many of the toxic fillers and preservatives found today - Biohackers are always keen to utilize this to their advantage.

We really love technology for the advances it has given us, in fact, most people asking: 

"What is biohacking"  tend to believe it's just about tech but that could be further from the truth.

Natural treatments are great - when they're effective.  The problem is there's a lot of BS snake oil out there.    I've personally scoured through thousands of hours of research in order to make decisions on what I put in or on my body.

What You Are Exposed To MATTERS!

How To Biohack

Choose The Biohacks That Suit You


You've Come To The Right Site!

Well, it just so happens that we've got plenty of pretty useful hacks right here at

Improve Evolve.

It's also dependent on what it is you're trying to achieve.

Want to lose weight?

Want to gain muscle?

Want to look younger and slow aging?

Want to feel better and have a better outlook on life?

All of these things may seem different but they all tie together - Significantly

You can see them on our >Biohacks< page

First, Learn What To Avoid

We've got everything you need to start biohacking yourself and getting healthy, healthier, or just to feel better.

Straight away you can find about the dangers of endocrine disruptors found in so many food products, cosmetics, cleaning items, and household goods.

You'll be surprised at the things you come into contact with that poison you or at the very least affect your hormonal balance - And that matters. Some of our articles on Improve Evolve go into further detail on what products you should avoid in order to maximize your health.

Poor hormonal health = Poor health.   Make no mistake, some health issues can be fixed by the elimination of hormone-affecting products.

Poor Hormonal Health Is A Nightmare

For Your Mood & Your Lifestyle


Improve Your Health & Happiness

Reduce Stress - Build Better Relationships - Find The Positive

Did You Know Stress Can Make You Fatter?


Yep - Stress Really Can Make You Store Body Fat


We have known for decades about the importance of good food and how it affects our health.  More recently we have started to understand the crucial role of the mind in all things health-related.


Things like constant stress, a poor attitude, negative environments and exposure to bad people can seriously affect your health... And weight!

Really, AJ?

Yep.  You read that right - A negative attitude can manifest as increased weight gain and not the good kind (solid muscle).  Just knowing that being miserable can make you fatter at least gives you the opportunity to counter it.  Counter it we must.

Your Attitude Matters - Science Says So

Many biohackers spend a lot of time chasing positivity in life and for good reason.  Just as negativity can make you fat, happiness can make you slimmer.  According to Havard Medical School stress also causes you to overeat and get even fatter.   


It's a lose/lose scenario.


After a while, you'll start to notice that your happiness & health are very much intertwined.   



This Single Revelation Changes A Lot Of People


Think about all those folks in the gym slogging their guts out but they're getting nowhere.   They wonder why but the truth is that they lead stressful lives so their bodies are in a constant state of degradation, not repair.


They lose muscle and frequently store more fat - Then they get more unhappy.

Escape The Vicious Cycle

Biohacking Nature

The Great Outdoors


Great For The Mind - Great For The Body


With so much exposure to unnatural products and toxic technology, it's time to back to nature.

We're learning that not only is getting out for a nice brisk bushwalk great for your health but it's HUGE when it comes to mental health.

Positive Hormones

Being out with nature has a significant effect on the reduction of stress hormones and can increase dopamine (the happy hormone).  

The role of sunlight in human well-being can also not be underestimated here.  Lack of sunlight can lead to depression.   That's how powerful it is.

The Importance Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D (which you get from sunlight) has a massive role in male testosterone production.   Have you ever noticed the difference in physically masculine traits between male indoor workers and outdoor workers?

It's often tanned and muscular vs pale and scrawny.   Correlation?

Vitamin D deficiency is at epidemic levels according to the International Journal Of Health Science 

Don't be offended and don't worry.  I work in an office and I make sure I get sunlight and eat right.    No one has to be an office zombie outside of work.


Don't Underestimate The Power Of Vitamin D​

Biohacking  Nature

Using Technology Right

Tech Advances = Longer, Better Lives

Modern Miracles

We live in a lucky age.  Never before have there been so many things designed to keep us alive and healthy.

Unfortunately, never has there been a time where so many things can kills us slowly.  Unseen things keeping us sedentary, addicted and sick.


Using Technology The Right Way​

I know it can seem a bit rich, having a guy who works in tech for a living to be giving criticisms of technology but if it's valid - I'll do it and there are a lot of valid criticisms of modern tech.

Most people hear about biohacking and it's about some crazy technical gadget or some weird device.   There's some truth to that in the extreme but most of what we (biohackers) utilize is widely available to the general public.

Useful and efficacious items such as infrared lights, sleep monitors, and electrostimulation devices are becoming far more mainstream.

Social Media - Dark Or Light?


With the ever increasing access to the internet and sites designed to keep you there indefinitely, social media has to be the biggest culprit but it doesn't have to be.   Checking in with friends, having a laugh over a top meme, or even accessing new ideas can be great.

What's not so good is constantly monitoring your social media for likes and approval instead of doing something... ANYTHING more valuable with your time.

Most of us have lost the balance with technology and ergo; the war.

It's okay to Facebook and watch some Youtube.  It's fine to relax and watch some TV.   It's not okay to make this 90% of your downtime.

That's the problem.

Good Tech

The good news is with improvements in science, technology has never been better at keeping us alive.    Modern medical machines are becoming better at discovering illnesses earlier than ever before.

Some tech can monitor our sleep and the feedback can help us make better choices.

Even advances have been made in water filtration and things like food storage.   All great things worth having if they're in your budget.

Embrace Technology That Helps Us - Remove That Which Hinders Us


The Best Of Both Worlds

Where The Biological Meets The Technical

You Get To Live The Better Life You Choose



Biohackers want the best of both worlds.  Useful tech to help us sleep, eat better, exercise smarter, and utilizing products that can help reduce stress.

I myself try to balance using modern technology with an eye to keeping some old school activities in my life.

I can't imagine a crazy hot summer night without airconditioning but I also make the most of cool nights to get out and get some fresh air.

What's The Take Home Message Here?

In reality, biohacking is at its core a process of using "hacks" to improve your health  - That's your whole health; biological & psychological.

There's some pretty "out there" biohacks but at the end of the day, everyone gets to pick and choose the ones they want.   Let's face it, icing your genitals is not gonna be in everybody's ball park.

I understand.

I'm far too curious to not try just about anything which you'll be able to follow both here and on social media.   

I'll also rate my very favorite hacks on this site, very soon.   You can subscribe to the newsletter via email down below and get a bunch of my favorite hacks that you won't find on this site too.

I'm a bit iffy about getting a microchip, but we'll see how that plays out eh!

Discretionary Multi-Media Use

I love using social media to say hi to followers, friends, and family but I am loathed to live my days begging for likes to fulfill something fundamentally missing in my psyche.

Tech helps me get to where I want to go and most of the time, ironically, it's away from technology. 

I'd caution anybody who'll listen that social media is great but too much time on it and not enough in the fresh air is at epidemic levels.

Sounds like a really good transition into me suggesting that you follow us on social media but I'm sure the benefit will outway the cost. 

Follow Us:

Get Ready To Biohack...

I hope you're ready to come on this journey with me and grab some biohacks, buckle in, and build some serious health, happiness and awesome lives.

Wishing you the best in your Biohacking adventures.


AJ James



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