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Biohacking: "Hacking one's biology for health, mental fortitude, strength, stamina, intimate performance, and intellectual aptitude by utilizing the most effective available technology and science." AJ

Biohacker's research
Optimizing The Mind & Body
With Science

Biohacking at its core is about improvement, improving health, aging, knowledge, and lifestyle. 


There's a whole host of reasons why people are turning to biohacking to live better lives but one of the main ones is the increasing popularity because of just how effective biohacks really are.

Improving your life with whatever works no matter what it is.  No stigma, no preconception.   

Evidence-Backed Principles
Sound scientific methodology
Scientifically Sound

Biohacking everything better

Improve Evolve is about improving your mind, body, health, attitude, & challenging yourself.  Biohacking is the perfect compliment to these ideals because at its core, when you aim to improve human biology you want a legitimate science-based approach rather than just winging it with hearsay and conjecture.

Working smarter not harder

I'm always on the lookout for anything that can improve my life and evolve my way of thinking.  It's kinda funny how often these things intersect.


Sometimes it takes a little outside-the-box thinking.  

100% science-based biohacks

Let's face it, there have been decades of misinformation about food, nutrition, exercise, and the human mind. 


Some of the stuff we held as unmistakably evident turned out to be, well... Untrue. 

Think about how for decades we were told that bread and pasta should be the cornerstones of our diet.   

How'd that work out for society?  Diabetes, and an obesity epidemic.

Improve Evolve biohacking is about looking at the most current science to find the things that really work.

Getting Biohacked
Getting Biohacked
What Matters Is What WORKS!

No stone left unturned

Whenever I become aware of new biohacks or products that can help me:


> Burn Fat  


> Build Muscle


> Sleep Better

> Focus

> De-stress


> Fight Aging


You can bet I'm interested, but with a cautious eye and a view to methodologically efficacious science. It's gotta work, right?

Biohacking pretty much requires a balance of an open mind, respect for science, and the demand for conscientious results - Which when done right, it can deliver optimally. 

Biohacking functions
What Are Biohacks?​

Biological hacking

Biohacking is 100% about maximizing ability, utilizing sound methodology, and finding the most efficient way to perform biological improvements.  

Biohacks are the "hacks" we use to improve whatever it is we want to change for the better.

Want more info?

You can find out absolutely everything you need to know about biohacking on our essential answers page by checking out the link just below: 

What Is Biohacking? - The Definitive And Complete Guide 

That in-depth guide will tell you absolutely everything there is to learn about what biohacks are and how you can use them.

You can also directly check out our comprehensive guides on the Biohacks page.​

Now let's look at how this website, Improve Evolve can help you...

Using Biohacks
Biohacking your DNA
Biohacking Helps You Optimize Everything

Facing reality

I didn't get in shape by being inactive, lazy, and having poor impulse control.

But I did waste a lot of time on things that did not work particularly well.  That's time I won't get back. 

The long road 

I had to work hard.   I've spent a lifetime accumulating information and using trial and error for a long time.


Luckily, most of the hard yards have been done.


Improving your life in modern times

It's never been easier to be healthier, smarter, sharper, happier, and in better spirits.   

Biohacking has helped me bypass myths, stagnancy, and bad information.

Now I'm very happy to consider myself a healthy and active biohacker.

AJ James Smiling
Biohacking Can Be 100% Life-Changing

I would say that, right?

Yeah, I'm biased but for good reason, I've been using biohacks for years and am more than happy with the knowledge I've gained as well as the health improvements I've managed to make.

Try biohacking for yourself & see

I'm so happy to share this information because so much of it has completely transformed my life, my health, and had a huge impact on my way of thinking.

My life has changed dramatically

I'm in better shape now than I was at age 20 and I feel like aging at a rate I'm pretty pleased about.

When I'm in full swing, I feel mentally sharper and have far better control over my stress levels.

All the information here is science-backed with citations and it's completely free.

Put these biohacks to the test and watch how much things change for yourself.

Excuse-Free Zone
Improved lifestyle
Realistic Goal Setting

Excuses are the biggest insults we give ourselves 

So, don't do it - Don't insult yourself.  

Now, I'm not a huge fan of motivational speaking, I find words without fundamental plans of action, to be wasted opportunities.

That being said, better things rarely come off the back of excuses.  Great things come from working hard and constant learning.


If you want to be healthier, sleep better, get leaner, and stronger, fight the aging process, and reduce your stress levels then this is for you. 



If you want to be (or become) a mindless couch potato who watches other people rack up their goals while complaining that you have some routine excuse, then I'm afraid can't help you. 


I'm all for following your dreams, whatever they may be but there's not a lot I have to offer those for whom the idea of moving their body once and a while is an affront to their belief system.

A shout out to those who try

Also, for those fellow biohackers out there, please let me know how you are progressing because I'm genuinely interested in those life changes people make. 

The biohacking community is hands-down my favorite.  So positive but also, incredibly honest about sharing successes and failures.  It motivates me and makes this all worthwhile.

All the best with your biohacking journey & thanks for coming along with me on this incredible path.

Let's get biohacked!

AJ James

Biohacker​ & Founder 


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IMPROVE Your Body  EVOLVE Your Mind

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is offered for informational purposes only.  This information is not intended for the purpose of diagnosing or treating ailments and should you wish to seek such advice, please contact an appropriate medical professional.

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