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How Biohacking Changed My Life

Well, I thought I was fit and healthy...


Bodybuilding was my life  

I loved lifting weights, being big 255 pounds (115 KG), and lean I was on top of the world but there was a problem - I was always sick.

I thought I was doing everything right.  6 small meals per day, hard workouts, lots of vegetables, and grains.  Oats and high fiber meals.   On paper, it was the perfect regimen (the diet sucked, though).


Problem was, all this information I'd spent years accumulating was built on trust, not my own due diligence. 


When I started investigating thoroughly, I developed a far more attuned sense of what was ACTUALLY healthy, and I then found out that what I had been told for years was actually grounded in very little evidence.

Turns out, many people are healthy in spite of bad advice but can be far healthier when they get the very best information available. 

When It All Changed

Intermittent fasting

I started intermittent fasting, my first Biohack, and wow.  That's all I can say.  Wow.

Okay, so, I can say a lot more... Which I'm gonna go ahead and do.

I loved the freedom that intermittent fasting gave me but almost immediately I was able to make successive gains that I'd not had for quite some time.  I got leaner and I was much more focused.

Where had this been all my life?

Then, curiosity took over

I started to question everything

I looked at everything differently. 


There was nothing I did, thought, or partook in that couldn't be improved.  Everything got a good ole' once-over.

Food, nutrition, lifestyle, even my favorite pastime, karate.  Nothing was spared.

Casting off the shackles of long-held beliefs gave me the opportunity to improve every aspect of my life.  

What resulted was hundreds (and hundreds) of hours of research, in-depth scrutiny of methodology, and the beginning of a quest to find out how to live the most optimized life given my understanding of science and the ever-changing technological developments in life improvement.

One of the first creeds I really started to live by was questioning experts with vested interests in selling me something or guiding my path towards a route that was beneficial to them.

I got a whole lot more skeptical and a lot less nice!

My First Biohack
Biohacked Fasting
Biohacker questions
AJ James performing karate kick

My Downtime





I was done with the so-called "experts"

I came to a realization that possibly everything could be done better and that I needed to find most of the answers by myself so, I set out on a life-long biohacking journey.

Now, 4 years on, I have not been sick once.  Not once.  Not a single cold, flu, or ailment of any kind.


Along the way, I've had a couple of accidents and suffered 2nd-degree burns, broken ribs, and a cracked nasal cavity, all of which healed exceptionally fast.

Instead of getting older and weaker, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.  So, the so-called experts who said this isn't possible - Well, they can bite me!

At some point, it's put up or shut up

I know a lot of biohackers who talk about slowing down the aging process and have had varying degrees of success as far as I can tell. 


I'm more than happy with how I'm aging but you can judge for yourself. If you give biohacking a go and it works, then you've gained something pretty incredible... Time!

I've become extremely interested in the Epigenetic Clock.   The concept that your biological age differs from your chronological age.  In other words, your age number may not reflect your cellular age.​

The truth is that your Epigenetic Clock measurement is more important than your biological age.

Trust me, you'd rather be a 40-year-old with an Epigenetic Clock age of 30 than a 30-year-old with an Epigenetic Clock of 40. 

Rethinking The World Of Misinformation
Getting Onboard
Science and results

Anyway, I don't have to try and convince you biohacking works. 


I'm not selling anything and I feel good, plus, other people seem to be keeping pretty healthy using biohacks, so if that's wasn't good enough, there are scientific citations for every biohack on this site.

It's all grounded in real, hard science which is something I'm very passionate about.



Why Listen To This Guy?


Do or don't, as you see fit. 

Personally, I'm not a big fan of gurus.   

Biohacking has been a really fun lifestyle for me.  I like what I eat.  Love the benefits of being fit, lean, sharp, and happy.   What's not to like?

I come from a background in computer science (Grad DPL) with expertise in methodology and data analytics but have a diploma in exercise science (Adv DPL) and also one in business psychology as well. 

Between those three areas of expertise, I've developed what I think is a pretty good grasp of methodological efficacy and an understanding of what is actually effective.

Martial arts & discipline

I'm a 3rd Degree (San Dan) black belt with experience in Kyokushin, Goju Ryu, Seido Karate as well as Tae Kwon Do.


I've been a drug-free amateur bodybuilder and have tried pretty much every diet that's ever been conceived, mentioned, or intimated at.  I'm a human guinea pig. 


Most importantly, I'm a big believer in, as well as a student and practitioner of effective stress reduction.


Modern life can be burdensome and pretty tough at times.   Meditation, supplementation, sleep, and diet can all play a role in effectively managing the stresses of contemporary complications (of which there are many).

That's about it

So, that's me.  If you like what I'm about then don't be shy.  Follow me on social media (below) and please feel free to comment on the socials about your journey.

AJ James

Biohacker​ & Founder 


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