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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy Of Improve Evolve 

Please Read: Privacy Policy of Improve Evolve


Our Duty Of Care To Our Visitors

We take the utmost care and respect the privacy of our users.  Our duty is to give users the best user experience while disclosing all related and available information

We at Improve Evolve - Biohacking With AJ James have prepared the following policy to highlight our ongoing commitment to transparency and to create an excellent resource for our readers and subscribers alike.

Please take the time to read this privacy policy and acquaint yourself with our operational methodology.  

Improve Evolve operates the website, which provides the services mentioned above and below this sentence.

We take the utmost care and respect the privacy of our users.  Our duty is to give users the best user experience while disclosing all related and available information

This page is used to inform website visitors regarding our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service, the Improve Evolve website.

Please Be Aware Of The Following Conditions Of Use Of The Website

Improve Evolve:

If you choose to use our Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy.


The Personal Information that we obtain is sourced for giving a better service to the reader. Improve Evolve does not offer your information to any parties other than as is as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

The terms mentioned in our Privacy Policy for Improve Evolve - Biohacking With AJ James have identical meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which you can view here unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy. 

If You Do Not Wish To Continue, Please Exit The Website Immediately

Information On Log Data

We would like to advise you that each time you visit our website, we may gather the information that your web browser sends to us which is called Log Data.

What is log data?


This Log Data is information that can be data such as your computer’s Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser version, web pages of our website that you have visited, the exact time and date of your visit, as well as the amount of time you may have been viewing those aforementioned pages, as well as some other statistical information.  

We Take Children’s Privacy Seriously 

Our website: Improve Evolve does not directly address anyone under the age of thirteen, though there may be references to minors by way of casual topics, children are never directly addressed.


We will not cognizantly obtain personally identifiable information from minors under the age of thirteen.


In the event we are informed that a minor under thirteen has given us personal information, we shall proceed to immediately remove this data from our servers.


In case you are a parent or guardian & you become informed that your minor has given us personal information, we politely ask that you contact us so that we can take the appropriate measures.

We are committed to the safety and the protection of privacy of all minors who might happen to visit the Improve Evolve website.

Information Collection and Use - What We Do

For a better user experience and improved service, while visiting our website, you may be prompted to provide us with some personally identifiable information, including but not also in no way limited to your name, possibly your phone number as well as your address.


The data that we obtain can be used to contact get in touch with or identify you.

This could possibly be with the provision of information, products, or anything we deem to be of interest to readers. This data may be shared with third parties for the purposes of making improvements to the website, the services, and the information therein.

Improve Evolve remains committed to ethical data processing and collection. 

Our Policy On The Use Of Cookies

If you didn't already know, Cookies are coded pieces of information with a tiny amount of data that is frequently used as an aid in website identification. Cookies are directed to your browser from the website that you view and then are saved to your device's storage.

You may at any stage change cookie settings in the browser you use to view website pages such as this.

This website uses these "cookies" to harvest information and to make better our service for our viewers. You have the choice to either accept or decline the cookies and be informed of when it is a cookie is trying to access your device. If you do accept you may have full services available to you, however, should you choose to decline our cookies, you most likely will not be allowed to access many facets of our website.

Cookies are considered by many to be helpful in assisting with return visitation of websites (including Improve Evolve - Biohacking With AJ James) but should the negatives previously mentioned be above and beyond what you would consider a positive experience, please feel free to change your settings when visiting the Improve Evolve website.

Our Policy On Security At Improve Evolve

We 100% value the trust you place in us when you choose to provide us with personal data, hence we are committed to using the very best means of protecting it.


Please be aware though that no system of transmitting information on the world wide web, or system of electronic storage is absolutely secure. 


Because of this, we cannot guarantee with certainty its complete security, though we ambitiously aim for this. 

It is our aim to be secure and safe for all worldwide web users who wish to use the Improve Evolve website.

What Happens With Service Providers & Their Access To Data?

We may at some stage choose to use third-party entities and/or people due to the following reasons:


It may be to facilitate the functions of our website;

It could be to provide a type of service on our behalf;

It might be to perform Improve Evolve related services; 

It also could be to help us in understanding how our website is being used;

​Sometimes it is to educate us at Improve Evolve on how to serve visitors in a better manner.

We would like to advise our website visitors that these third parties may have access to some of your personal information, though we do not seek to obtain significant personal data from visitors.

Possible Changes to This Privacy Policy And Updates

We might choose to update and change our Privacy Policy periodically. Because of this, we would recommend that you return to this page periodically to view any current alterations in our Privacy Policy.

New circumstances may arise which require us to make alterations to our current privacy policy.  This could be because of legal, cultural, or informational changes.


We shall proceed to inform site visitors of any updates by posting the amended Privacy Policy on this very page you are currently reading. These page amendments shall be effective instantly after they are posted on this webpage and are to be considered our most current policy.

Please check back regularly if you believe a change to this policy may be of concern to you.

If you would like to be kept informed of Improve Evolve's regular changes you may subscribe to the mailing list.  Privacy policy changes may be communicated through said mailing list periodically.

Links to Other Sites - Expectations 

Our website sometimes contains hyperlinks to other websites on the subject of biohacking or biohacks but not limited to these topics. If you do proceed to click on a third-party link, you should then immediately be directed to that website. Please understand that these external sites are in no way managed by us and can change ownership without the knowledge of Improve Evolve and as such the aforementioned links could point to pages that have changed from the time of our original reference.


As Improve Evolve - Biohacking With AJ James provides many citations from scientific sources it is impossible for us to keep track of the original source material and though we endeavor to provide links pertinent to biohacking, biohacks, gettting biohacked, and information relevant to biohackers, we can not and do not guarantee to safety of a link, therefore user caution must be exercised when deciding to follow or click any externally linked material on this website.

It is our advice that you read the Privacy Policy of these other websites to see if they meet your expectations of privacy and security. 


We do have no control over and thusly assume no responsibility for the information, privacy policies, data, graphics, pictures, or practices of any of these third-party websites or service providers. Many links are for informative purposes only but some may be for the purpose of sales or commissioned products that our site may be a financial beneficiary of.

Websites change hands from time to time and as such, we can not control the nature of the content we link to.   We endeavor to make sure outbound links are pointed to the most appropriate and industry-leading biohacking, scientific, and relevant sources.

Should you find that the sources are either no longer relevant or present a page that is offensive in nature, please do not hesitate to message us via our contact page.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us

If you do have an inquiry, criticism, or constructive comment about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to take the time and let us know.  We thank you for taking the time to read this:


Thank You For Reading Privacy Policy Of Improve Evolve  Biohacking With AJ James:
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